NanoSuit Leggings

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NanoSuit Leggings
NanoSuit Leggings ig.png
Grid NanoSuit Leggings.png
Type Item
Armor rating 6
Armor toughness 2

Stackable No

Tier Tier-3 (HV)
Next tier
Grid QuantumSuit Leggings.png
Technical Details
UU Cost Can't be replicated
First appearance IC2 v.0.9.0 (for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3)
ID IC2:nano_leggings

The NanoSuit Leggings are the electrical variant (It will use energy instead of disintegrating) of Diamond Leggings and provides 5 1/2 chestplates/6 Armor Points / 2 Toughness Points /30%? damage reduction. It is also a Tier-3 Item.

They will use 5,000 EU per half heart of damage absorbed. You can recharge your armor at an MFE or MFSU.



Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Energy Crystal (Charged).png

Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid NanoSuit Leggings.png


To recharge, place into the top slot of a MFE or an MFSU and supply 1 000 000 EU. NanoSuit is a Nano-Technology (Power Tier 3) item and cannot be charged in Standard-Technology (Power Tier 1 or Power Tier 2) devices such as the BatBox or CESU.


Carbon Plates are the most essential resource for Nanosuits. As well as... Energy Crystals!

Energy Crystal ig.png

Why use Crystals in armor?

For Energy storage, of course!

Energy Storage?

Didn't we tell you already, the Nanosuit runs on ENERGY and takes most of its protective ability from an ENERGY SHIELD! HAYO!

Texture Packs[edit]

The NanoSuit Helmet can be found in jar > armor > ic2 > nano_1.png

The item sprite of the NanoSuit Helmet can be found in jar > ic2 > sprites > item_0.png > Sprite 117


Version MC Version Changes
Industrial Craft²
0.90 Beta 1.7.3 NanoSuit Leggings is re-released


1.1 QuantumSuit pieces now require NanoSuit pieces to craft.


1.3.2 Energy costs of the NanoSuit and QuantumSuit are increased


1.4.5 Energy cost of the NanoSuit is reduced


1.4.5 Around Halloween (31 October), zombies wearing NanoSuits may appear.