Iridium Drill

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The Iridium Drill is the final upgrade version for the Mining Drill. While EU use per block mined is drastically increased over the Diamond Drill, the Iridium Drill has a togglable Fortune mode that when active applies Fortune III to all blocks and ores mined.

Iridium Drill
Grid Iridium Drill.png
Type Tool

Damage +3 Attack Damage
Durability Infinite
Stackable No
Flammable none

Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 512 EU/t (HV)
EU Use ~1000 EU/t
Per block mined
EU Storage 300000 EU
Technical Details
UU Cost
First appearance IC2 Experimental #256
ID IC2:itemToolIridiumDrill


Grid Iridium Plate.png

Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Diamond Drill.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png

Grid Iridium Plate.png

Grid Iridium Drill.png

See: Crafting Guide


Since this is a Tier 3 power tool, it may only be charged using a MFE or an MFSU. Alternatively, it can receive power from an equipped Energypack.


  • The Iridium Drill comes with both Silk-Touch and Fortune 3 enchantments. Use the mode switch key (default: M) to alternate between them.