Bio Chaff

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Bio Chaff is an item and the initial component of biofuel energy production. It cannot be used directly for fuel, and must be processed in a Canning Machine (into Biomass) for it to be of further use.


Bio Chaff comes from macerating plant matter, producing one per operation.

Grid Sapling.png


Grid Wheat.png


Grid Seeds.png


Grid Bio Chaff.png

The required plant matter per Bio Chaff varies, as seen below. (Source: v2.6.105)

Icon Name (variants) Needed
Grid Plantclump.png
Plantball [ic2exp name] 1
Grid Sapling.png
Sapling (any treeSapling) 4
Grid Leaves.png
Leaves (any treeLeaves) 8
Grid Wheat.png
Wheat 8
Grid Cactus.png
Cactus 8
Grid Sugar Cane.png
Sugar Cane 8
Grid Carrot.png
Carrot 8
Grid Potato.png
Potato 8
Grid Melon.png
Melon 8
Grid Pumpkin.png
Pumpkin 8
Grid Shrub.png
Shrub 8
Grid Seeds.png
Seeds 16
Grid Melon Seeds.png
Melon Seeds 16
Grid Pumpkin Seeds.png
Pumpkin Seeds 16
Grid Weed.png
Weed 32


Bio Chaff's prime use is creating Biomass (via a Canning Machine).

It can also be macerated into dirt.

Grid Bio Chaff.png

Grid Dirt.png