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Empty Booze Barrel
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Type Brewing

Stackable No

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The Booze Barrel is a container needed for brewing and fermenting beer. To place an Empty Booze Barrel, first place down a wooden scaffold, then right-click on it with the Empty Booze Barrel.

Using a treetap on the barrel will stop fermentation and allow you to fill up stone mugs. Fermentation will continue if the tree tap is removed.


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See Crafting Guide


To brew beer, hold wheat, hops and water cells in your hand and right-click on the empty booze barrel. Once all of your ingredients are added, fermentation will begin. The name of the brew is based on 3 factors: ratio of ingredients to water, ratio of wheat to hops, and time spent fermenting.

First Word
Ingredients:Water Cells Name
1:2 Watery
2:3 Lite
1:1 [Blank]
3:2 Strong
2:1 Thick
3:1 Stodge
Second Word
Wheat:Hops Name
Any:0 Soup
1:4 Black
1:3 Full
1:2 Dark
1:1 [Blank]
2:1 White
3:1 AlcFree
Third Word
Time Fermenting Name
None Brew
2 Hours Youngster
4 Hours Beer
12 Hours Ale
24 Hours DragonBlood

Note: If you use a ratio not listed on here, such as 3:2, it will round to the nearest ratio.


6 Wheat, 2 hops, 4 water cells, 2 hours fermenting time = Thick Alcfree Youngster

12 Wheat, 6 hops, 27 water cells, No fermenting time = Lite White Brew