Nightvision Goggles

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The Nightvision Goggles is a special type of head equipment capable of giving the player the Night Vision effect when being worn.


When equipped during night, they will give the Night Vision status effect, but if they are equipped when it's day or when the light levels are above 7, they will give Blindness instead. The current effect will persist for five seconds after the Nightvision Goggles have been removed. Their effect can be toggled by pressing Alt + M.

The Nightvision Goggles give no protection value.

The Nightvision Goggles are also use to craft the Nano-Helmet. Since the NanoSuit Helmet uses the goggles in its recipe, it inherits the nightvision ability.


The Nightvision Goggles store 200000 EU, and use 1000 EU per minute.


Grid Advanced Heat Exchanger.png
Grid Luminator.png
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Grid Reinforced Glass.png
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Grid Advanced Heat Exchanger.png
Grid Luminator.png
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Your dark adventures at night are over!

Buy now our patented B-15 Nightvision Goggles to go where you want in the night without having to fear the dark!

By using them you can see everything as if it was in daylight! HAYO!

Warning: using the goggles in a real daylight environment may cause any or all of the following symptoms: a feeling of wasting valuable electrical energy, mild discomfort, minor vision difficulties, temporary or perpetual blindness, spontaneous retinal combustion. Industrial Craft Machine Corp. is not liable for any damage caused by the B-15 Nightvision Goggles.