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Macerator ig.png
Grid Macerator.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png

Stackable Yes (64)

Storage 1 input
1 output
4 upgrade
Grid Overclocker Upgrade.png
Grid Transformer Upgrade.png
Grid Energy Storage Upgrade.png
Grid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Advanced Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Pulling Upgrade.png
Grid Advanced Pulling Upgrade.png
Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use 2 EU/t
EU Per Operation 600 EU
EU Storage 1200 EU
Technical Details
Operation Length 15 Seconds
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance ?
ID IC2:te@47

The Macerator is the first machine in the IC² ore processing chain. It can also convert some blocks and items into other, potentially more useful resources.


Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Flint.png
Grid Basic Machine Casing.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Flint.png
Grid Cobblestone.png

Grid Macerator.png


As a basic machine (and also power tier 1), the macerator has a simple GUI with three slots: input, energy item (if needed), and output, shown below.

Grid Iron Ore.png

Grid Crushed Iron Ore.png

Crushed Iron Ore

Crushed Iron Ore

The macerator's use in the ore processing chain - crushing ore into crushed ore as seen above - is detailed on that page.

A few general notes on recipes:

  • Any metal ingot may be macerated into its respective dust, with the exception of Grid Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot which returns Grid Iron Dust.png Iron Dust (as steel dust doesn't exist).
  • Any metal plate (and also obsidian and lapis) may be macerated into 8 tiny piles of dust, except for Grid Steel Plate.png Steel Plate which cannot be macerated[2.6.130-ex110].
  • Any dense metal plate (again including obsidian and lapis) may be macerated into 8 dust, with the exception of Grid Dense Steel Plate.png Dense Steel Plate which returns 8 Grid Iron Dust.png Iron Dust.
  • Plant matter can often be macerated to produce Grid Bio Chaff.png Bio Chaff. More detail (and the list of recipes) is available on its page.
Other Macerator recipes
Input Output
Grid Bio Chaff.png Bio Chaff Grid Dirt.png Dirt
Grid Blaze Rod.png Blaze Rod Grid Blaze Powder.png Blaze Powder (x5)
Grid Block of Coal.png Block of Coal Grid Coal Dust.png Coal Dust (x9)
Grid Block of Redstone.png Block of Redstone Grid Redstone.png Redstone (x9)
Grid Block of Quartz.png Block of Quartz
and varieties thereof
Grid Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz (x4)
Grid Bone.png Bone Grid Bone Meal.png Bone Meal (x4)
Grid Clay (Block).png Clay (Block) Grid Clay Dust.png Clay Dust (x2)
Grid Coal.png Coal Grid Coal Dust.png Coal Dust
Grid Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Grid Sand.png Sand
Grid Coffee Beans.png Coffee Beans Grid Coffee Powder.png Coffee Powder (x3)
Grid Diamond.png Diamond Grid Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust
Grid Energy Crystal.png Energy Crystal Grid Energium Dust.png Energium Dust (x9)
Grid Fuel Rod (Empty).png Fuel Rod (Empty) Grid Iron Dust.png Iron Dust
Grid Glowstone.png Glowstone Grid Glowstone Dust.png Glowstone Dust (x4)
Grid Gravel.png Gravel Grid Flint.png Flint
Grid Ice.png Ice Grid Snowball.png Snowball
Grid Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore Grid Iridium Shard.png Iridium Shard (x9)
Grid Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli Grid Lapis Lazuli Dust.png Lapis Lazuli Dust
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png Lapis Lazuli Block Grid Lapis Lazuli Dust.png Lapis Lazuli Dust (x9)
Grid Obsidian.png Obsidian Grid Obsidian Dust.png Obsidian Dust
Grid Poisonous Potato.png Poisonous Potato Grid Grin Powder.png Grin Powder
Grid Quartz Stairs.png Quartz Stairs Grid Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz (x6)
Grid Sandstone.png Sandstone Grid Sand.png Sand
Grid Spider Eye.png Spider Eye Grid Grin Powder.png Grin Powder (x2)
Grid Stone.png Stone Grid Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
Grid Tin Can.png Tin Can (x2) Grid Tin Dust.png Tin Dust
Grid Wool.png Wool Grid String.png String (x2)


  • The Macerator gives off dust particle effects while in use.
  • If you're in a squeeze and you need a little power, the Macerator accepts Grid Redstone.png Redstone in the energy item slot, which will be consumed to provide 800 EU.


The grinding pressure of the Macerator is kept at a modest 50 gibbl.

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Version Changes
Industrial Craft
The recipe of a Macerator was:

Grid Stone Pickaxe.png

Grid Stone Pickaxe.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Grid Stone Pickaxe.png

Grid Macerator.png

Industrial Craft²
0.90 The Macerator is re-released with the current recipe.
1.337 The Macerator gives off dust particles while in use.