Tesla Coil

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Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil ig.png
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Type Deadly Wiring
Tool  ?
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Damage {{{damage}}}
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Mining level {{{mininglevel}}}
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
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Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 128 EU/t (MV)
EU Use Up to 128 EU/t
(While Active)
EU Per Operation {{{eu_op}}}
EU Storage 5000 EU
EU Production {{{eu_produce}}} EU/t
Max EU Output {{{maxout}}}
Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
Heat Use {{{hu_use}}} HU/t
Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
Max Kinetic Input {{{maxku}}} KU/t
Kinetic Use {{{ku_use}}} KU/t
Kinetic Production {{{ku_produce}}} KU/t
Technical Details
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The Tesla Coil is a device that damages mobs, villagers, and players when connected to a power source and receiving a redstone signal.

Approximately once every two seconds the Tesla coil will simultaneously damage all creatures (including villagers and the player) within a 9x9x9 cube around the Tesla Coil.

Note: The Tesla Coil will zap things through the walls/floor/ceiling.

The Tesla Coil can kill Spiders, Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies in two hits if connected to a MFE, or 7 hits if connected to a Batbox. Endermen take twice as many hits to kill, and the player is killed in one hit from a MFE, or two hits from a Batbox.

Note: The Tesla Coil tends to do much more damage on the first cycle if it has been dormant for a while before being activated (killing the player and zombies/skeletons/creepers/spiders in one hit, even from a Batbox, and killing Endermen in 3 hits from a MFE and 6 hits from a Batbox). The reason for this is currently unknown, but it is likely that the Tesla Coil has a small reservoir that it charges when not in use.

If an entity is in range of multiple active Tesla Coils, the damage will stack as expected.

Tesla Coils will drain energy while active, even if there are no targets in range. Thus, it is recommended that Stone Pressure Plates and Switches be configured so that the Tesla Coil will only receive a redstone signal when something is on a pressure plate and the switch is in the "on" position. This way the Tesla coil won't drain any energy unless a target is near, and the player will be able to protect their base at night without having to try and dodge the pressure plates while coming and going during the day.


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Grid Redstone.png
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Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Iron Casing.png
Grid Tesla Coil.png

See: Crafting Guide


Maximum Input: 128 EU/t before exploding


How do you defend your well-terraformed, expensive industrial landscape from pesky animals/creepers/weirdos/thieves? Try a TESLA COIL!

This is it: THE latest piece of defensive technology available for free usage without the need to buy licenses.

A Tesla Coil, already used by the Soviets to defend against the combined Allied army in 3 altered-realm WW, is highly effective, medium-ranged and absolutely deadly.

First of all, however, you need to charge the Tesla Coil with 5000 EU. Once charged, the Tesla Coil is on stand-by. To ACTIVATE it, apply a Redstone current.

As long as this current is applied, the Tesla Coil will drain 2 EUs constantly to fuel its extremely efficient targeting system.

This system will target the first living object (we will consider undead alive in this matter) within a range of ~4 blocks.

Then the Tesla Coil will unleash the power of technology in the form of an extremely powerful, wall-penetrating and lethal energy bolt. Of course this will deplete the energy reserve of the Tesla Coil, which will thus need to be recharged again.

Please take note, we do not take any responsibility for zapping any part of your family/friends, including yourself. WARNING: the Tesla Coil is indiscriminate in its action. It is perfectly happy to kill you, your pets, and everyone you love.


Pro tip.png

This is the easiest set-up for a working and fully functional Tesla Coil, that will prevent you from being eaten by mobs as soon as you trigger the pressure plate. If you're ragequitting Minecraft and never starting it again if you die, that is.