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New Item/Block of IndustrialCraft².

The Nano Saber is the most advanced close combat technology on the go! Charge it up at an MFE or an MFSU, right-click it and slice those Creepers as if it were an infinite durability Diamond Sword that uses electricity... and with light effects!! Now don't forget that it only loses energy when it's on, but it only deals massive damage when it's on!

The only drawback is that you cannot block with this sword, but with our patented HAYOish NanoSuit who needs blocking anyways? It deals 8 hearts of damage, or 12.5 with a critical attack. Even though it uses 4 diamonds to make it (the diamond is required for the Energy Crystal ), the Nano Saber is well worth the diamond you use.


Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Advanced Alloy.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png

Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Nano Saber.png

See: Crafting Guide

Known bugs[edit]

Nano Saber will completely destroy nano and quantum armor, sometimes in single hit (due this you can't get suit by killing it's owner). Nearly always gone async with server (drop or move over inventory to refresh it's state). Timed durability drain will cause animation bugs.


Our super awesome nano saber can kill anything you want*! HAYO!
But this super saber is VERY and we mean VERY powerful. Seriously, do not use it on your friend with that expensive nano armour, or they will probably no longer be your friend
*Note you may only kill what you want if you are still alive.
We are also not responsible for any injuries on your friends and family caused by using our device.

If you want something less dangerous use our patented C-32 Chainsaw as a sword & axe