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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Seed Bags are a type of seed that is sometimes dropped by plants grown on a Crop block. These can be analyzed in the Grid Cropnalyzer.png Cropnalyzer to reveal the Crops growth, gain, and resistance stats. They are only dropped by plants in Crop blocks and are used in cross breeding to breed better plants. Planting two hybrid seed bags in Crop blocks with a cross-breeder Crop block between them will combine the two plants characteristics.


In case of an unpredictable death of another employee, you may be issued to switch your cropxperiment location. Most plants permit you to pick them up from crops in form of crop seeds. By security protocol, all crop seeds must be stored in our special "Crop Seed Utility Bags" handed to you in the beginning of you employment. You can freely order more bags at 0800-YOU-WILL-77-DIE. Calling this hotline will not increase your chances to suffer a tragic and unpredictable accident of lethal proportion. Any rumors in regard of Mr. Kenny's death being linked to usage of this hotline are wrong and irrelevant.