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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Screenshot of the GUI (ingame)

The Cropnalyzer is used to scan Grid Seed Bag.png Seed Bags picked up from Crops.

To scan a Seed Bag fully, it must be scanned three times. The first scan will reveal the plants its finder's name, the second scan will reveal the plant's colour, what it is (e.g. food) and its growth method (e.g. stem), and the third scan will reveal its Resistance, Gain, and Growth stats.

The first 2 scans don't require that much energy, but the third drains a battery dry. Now don't forget that each seed is different, so when you have 2 wheat seeds (from crops) you have to scan them both!


Grid Cable.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Cable.png
Grid Glass.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Grid Redstone.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Cropnalyzer.png

See: Crafting Guide


  • The cropnalyzer does not properly accept batteries in 1.81, breaking the tool completely. It is fixed in 1.90.
  • When opening cropanalyzer window, if there is item in the hotbar on the left side of cropanalyzer, hidden empty metadata is added to it causing troubles with stacking. Confirmed in 1.97. Fixed in 1.103.


Of course this is not the end of your cropxperiments. To provide the scientifically proven data needed to persuade our sponsors in further carrying our expenses, as well as the money needed to provide food and fresh air to our employees, including you, we designed the patented "Cropnalyzer" CR-TripleZ. Due to a lack of finances you will probably have to create one for yourself by using following blueprint:




c = Cable, R = Redstone, G = Glass, C = Circuit We fully trust in your capability to create the remaining complex device components exclusively by taking a look at this blueprint and using a few basic tool present on every wooden workbench. The Cropnalyzers main function is the analysis of gathered crop seeds. Set up your working environement to have everything you need ready to be grapped in an instant before activating the Cropnalyzer. After activation, place an energy source of sufficient capacity in the energy slot, located in the upper right of the device. Now proceed to place cropseeds meant to be analysed in the upper left slot. You can as well display an already-analysed cropseeds stat by placing it in the middle slot, located right of the upper left slot. Be advised, analysing cropseeds is an extremely complex jobs. The more information revealed, the higher the energy consume for near-instant analysation. To fully discover all cropseeds attributes, an estimated amount of 10.000 EU is necessary. If you decide to place an analysed cropseed, our highly-advanced cropsticks will save the scan information in mp3-format. To access this data, use the Cropnalyzer, hold in your right hand, on the crop in question, it will, without use of energy, display the name and stats of the crop, if analysed previously.

You will probably have noticed the three statistical attributes, commonly referred to as "stats" already:


Research regarding these three attributes is currently in progress. It appears any crop can have values associated in between 0 and 31, representing the plants abilities. Be advised, even two crops of similar types can have vastly different stats and attributes. For scientific reasons we recommend all employees to try creating and keeping crops with high attributes for maximum results in your cropxperiments.