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Biogas is a fluid that can be used as fuel in a Semifluid Generator or to generate heat in a Fluid Heat Generator.


Biogas can be obtained by fermenting Biomass in a Fermenter.

The fermenting speed is greatly affected by the heat generator used. The Solid Heat Generator is the slowest while the Electric Heat Generator and the Liquid Heat Exchanger are the fastest.


Renewable Energy

Biogas can be used in the Semifluid Generator to create EU. Biogas is made from processing plants, and can be automated.

Materials Needed

Building the Generator

  1. Set up the Crop Harvester to eject harvested crops into the Macerator
  2. Set up the Macerator to eject Bio Chaff into the Canning Machine
  3. Set the Canning Machine to Fluid Enrich mode and connect a supply of water to it
  4. Set the Canning Machine to eject Biomass into the Fermenter with a Fluid Ejector Upgrade
  5. Connect a Heat Generator to the Fermenter
  6. Set the Fermenter to eject the Biogas to the Semifluid Generator

This procedure is further outlined in biofuel energy production.