Biofuel energy production

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Biofuel is one of the slightly more complex paths to energy production in IC2 - more complex than shoving coal in a Generator, at least.

But don't panic! Everything you need to know about biofuel energy production is right here!


To get your green on, you'll need (at a minimum):

Stage 1: Bio Chaff[edit]

Take your excess plant matter and run it through your Macerator in the necessary quantity (typically 4 to 16 of each item, depending on what it is) to produce Bio Chaff Grid Bio Chaff.png. The obvious caveat here is that if you're planning a large-scale biofuel operation, you want large-scale plant material production to support it; everything is derived from plants.

If you made too much(?) Bio Chaff, you can macerate it into Dirt, but that doesn't really help you. Unless you're skyblocking or something, in which case you probably have other tools for that sort of thing.

Stage 2: Biomass[edit]

Take that Bio Chaff off to your Canning Machine and use Fluid Enrichment mode, along with plain old water, to yield Biomass Biomass.png. This lovely green liquid is utterly useless for anything but moving into the next stage, unless you want to place it in the world for decorative purposes. Stranger things have been done.

Stage 3: Biogas[edit]

Pour the Biomass into your Fermenter and give it some love! Love in this case meaning heat, so hook up the heat generator of your choice and make sure those heat plates touch. As long as its output buffer has room, the Fermenter will use the heat to convert your useless green Biomass into useful yellow Biogas Biogas.png!

Once you get your chain started and actually have some Biogas produced, you can use a Fluid Heat Generator as your heating method and feed some of your Biogas in, to produce even more Biogas! But you want energy to output, so it's time to move on to the final stage.

Stage 4: HAYO![edit]

(Un)fortunately, Biogas isn't highly explosive. Yet. But it does produce energy when burned, and that's what you went to all this trouble for, right?

If you've gotten this far, congratulations! You've reached the end of the biofuel energy production chain, and you know all you need to know (minus some technical bits)!

Now go forth and grow even more plants to feed your hungry hungry machines.