Distilled Water

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Distilled Water
Fluid DistilledWater.png
Grid Distilled Water Cell.png
Type Liquid
Tools Empty CellUniversal Fluid Cell

Stackable Yes, in cells (64)

Technical Details
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance Experimental Build 509
ID IC2:fluidDistilledWater
Flow Speed 4 m/s
Player Speed A slow as Water

Distilled Water can be obtained by two ways - using the Solar Distiller or using a Condenser.

The Solar Distiller accepts up to 10 buckets of Water and will slowly transform it into Distilled Water during the day time (the same way a Solar Panel generates energy).

Using a Condenser is faster, but requires Steam in order to do so. Only IC2 steam will work (produced from a Steam Generator), other mods' steams will not.

Note: Unlike Water, Distilled Water will not form infinite sources.

See: Crafting Guide


The main usage of Distilled Water is making Coolant. The Coolant can be put into Cells and made into Overclocker Upgrades, or used to cool a Pressure Vessel Reactor. The other main usage is in the Steam Generator in order to make either Steam or Superheated Steam.

Glass swimming pool of Distilled Water near to 3 Solar Distillers