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Extractor ig.png
Grid Extractor.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Mining level {{{mininglevel}}}
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
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Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use 2 EU/t
EU Per Operation 800 EU
EU Storage 800 EU
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Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
Heat Use {{{hu_use}}} HU/t
Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
Max Kinetic Input {{{maxku}}} KU/t
Kinetic Use {{{ku_use}}} KU/t
Kinetic Production {{{ku_produce}}} KU/t
Technical Details
Operation Length 20 Seconds
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Flow Speed {{{fluidspeed}}} m/s
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The Extractor is used to extract Rubber from Resin, as well as Coalfuel Cells from H. Coal Cells and Biofuel Cells from Bio Cells.

Like other machines, there are two ways to provide the Extractor with Energy: either with a direct Cable connection or with energy storage items.

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Grid Treetap.png
Grid Treetap.png

Grid Machine.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png

Grid Treetap.png
Grid Treetap.png

Grid Extractor.png

See: Crafting Guide


Mostly used for Rubber and Fuel creation.

Grid Resin.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Rubber.png



Grid Rubber Wood.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Rubber.png

Grid Rubber Sapling.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Rubber.png

Grid Bio Cell.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Biofuel Cell.png

Grid H. Coal Cell.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Coalfuel Cell.png

Grid Water Cell.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Hydration Cell.png


Input 800 (2 EU/t)
Output -
Storage 800

Maximum Input: 32 EU/t before exploding

When fully charged, the extractor can exhibit the separating power of almost -760 Gibbl!


Now, did you remember the puny little furnaces?

Yes, the stupid small ones you need to feed abnormous amounts of resin just to get a small amount of Rubber to produce cables?

It sucked; we admit it. And for this sake, we developed this piece of an most awesome machine: The Dejuicer-Device of Doom - D123!

Powered by any energy source, preferably the perfectly designed T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Unit, this device can extract amazing amounts of resources from stuff.

For example, it improves the ratio of gaining Rubber by an ultimate amazing 200%!!!. This allows it to even make use of the minute amount of resin contained in the WOOD of rubber-based trees!

But not even that, this device can more! 'What?' do you ask? Now, that's a secret we will tell you later, HAYO!