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Obsolete: This information no longer applies to the current version of IC².

The Filled Fuel Can is a portable energy source that can be used to fuel Generators.

A Fuel Can (Empty) can be filled with either liquified Coal fuel or Biofuel. It requires a total of 6 to fill a single can.

It provides EU when used in a Generator. See the Generator page for details.


Grid Coalfuel Cell.png
Grid Fuel Can (Empty).png
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png

Coalfuel Cell

Coalfuel Cell

Grid Biofuel Cell.png
Grid Fuel Can (Empty).png
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png

Biofuel Cell

Biofuel Cell

See: Crafting Guide

Energy Comparison[edit]

Smelting Production Tables Based on Fuel and Furnace Type
Fuel Type Heat Units Total EU Number of Operations per Unit of Fuel
Stone Furnace
Grid Furnace.png (200 Heat)
Iron Furnace
Grid Iron Furnace.png (160 Heat)
Electric Furnace
Grid Electric Furnace.png (390 EU)
Induction Furnace‡
Grid Induction Furnace.png (6000-208 EU)
Minimum speed Maximum speed
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png Fuel can with 6 Coalfuel Cells 30576 76440 152 191 196 25.5 735
Grid Lava Bucket.pngGrid Lava Cell.png Lava Bucket, Lava Cell and Lava Containers†† 20000‡‡ 20000 100 12.5 51.3††† 6.67††† 192†††
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png Fuel can with 6 Biofuel Cells 10416 26040 52 65 66.77 8.6 250
Grid Coal.pngGrid Charcoal.png Coal/Charcoal 1600 4000 8 10 10.25 1.33 38
Grid Some random scrap.png Scrap 350 870 1.75 2.2 2.23 0.3 8.4
Grid Wooden Planks.pngGrid Wood.pngGrid Chest.png Wood/Planks/Other Wood Items† 300 750 1.5 1.9 1.92 0.25 7.2
Grid Wooden Pickaxe.png Wooden Tools and Weapons 200 500 1.0 1.25 1.28 0.167 4.8
Grid Sapling.pngGrid Stick.png Regular Saplings and Sticks 100 250 0.5 0.6 0.64 0.0833 2.4
Grid Sapling.png Rubber Sapling 80 200 0.4 0.5 0.51 0.0667 1.92
Grid Sugar Cane.pngGrid Cactus.png Reed/Cactus 50 120 0.25 0.3 0.3 0.04 1.16

†Other Wood Items = Any block with its material set to "Wood" (includes blocks added by other mods if material defined properly). See Smelting for a complete list of items that can be smelted in a Stone Furnace.
‡Assuming the smelting of 2 items simultaneously, divide by 2 if you are only smelting one item. For values < 2 keep in mind that you will actually have 2 partially finished units.
††All lava containers (e.g. Lava Cells, Lava Cans from Forestry) can be used in Iron Furnaces and Generators from 1.113 onwards.
‡‡All lava containers are worth 10% of their value (2000) inside Iron Furnaces and Generators.
†††Considering as using a Geothermal Generator. Divide by 10 if using a normal Generator instead.

On 1.5.2 makes the Fuel can with 6 Coalfuel Cells 305760 total EU.
On 1.5.2 makes the Fuel can with 6 Biofuel Cells 104160 total EU.


Now, sometimes you just need the good ol' Mr. Diesel. For this sake, we adjusted our machines to be capable of producing it, the famous Octanium C++ Fuel, brought to you in sweet Tin Canisters. Its heat generation power is roughly 1800% bigger then coal. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! OVER 1000% OMG!

And to create it, you just need our three devices from above! And for this reason: Buy them all now, and get a T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Unit FOR FREE!

Or just craft them, your choice.

To create Fuel, you need.. now... raw oil.

HAH! You fell for it!

Oil is a seriously rare and even further diminishing resource; only fools would create something from oil!

So, we present you a new way to create Fuel: with coal!

First of all, you need to turn a raw piece of a coal into a more useful form. Use our Maceratron-E-901 to turn this useless piece of coal into some really high-quality coal dust.

In the next step, mix the coal dust with some water. Why? Because the result is supposed to be LIQUID fuel, not dusty one.

Now drop the hydrated coal dust into the Freakin' Compress-O-Matic C77 to create a compressed piece of hydrated coal dust.

With the 3 pieces of Compressed Hydrated Coal Dust (and a few Tin ingots) you can now craft a sweet Fuel can.

Actually not now, but later. First, you need some C-600 Capsule Cell Containers, or cells, for short. When you make them, you'll have to fill them with the Compressed Hydrated Coal Dust you made before.

Of course, we're not done yet, as you don't have Fuel, but just some Fuel cells with some clumps of coal in it.

To correct this issue, throw all the cells into our Dejuicer-Device of Doom - D123. I don't know how it does that, but for some reason it will extract the burnable fluids from the coal and fill the cells, resulting in some sweet full cells of Fuel, ready to be filled into Fuel Cans, whenever you wish it.

This, of course, has to be crafted first. The F-29 Fuel Can (Empty) is made of tin. You can get the crafting blueprint somewhere else. So, when you get it, combine several tin ingots to craft a FRIKKIN' EMPTY FUEL CAN! HAYO!

It will even turn green for no apparent reason! ISN'T THAT AMAZING!?

So you have an empty green fuel can and some cells filled with fuel now. What to do with it? Eat it? NO! Get yourself an Unmobile Food Canning Machine GTA-4, preferably buy it, put your fuel cells into the top slot, the fuel can into the bottom one, power it up, and watch your fuel flowing into the can!


On order request of the government few customers, we further expanded our product palette and added an even more economic way to create Fuel!

Instead of converting coal into stuff to put into the Tin cans, we found that bunching up some saplings or seeds seems to be an applicable replacement, as well.

Of course, Fuel generated this way is MUCH less productive then coal-based Fuel, but hey, it's for the greenies!

Attention: Do not try to adulterate coal Fuel with plant Fuel. We do not take any responsibility for any lethal explosions incidents may caused by combined usage of plants and coal to craft tin cans!

As well, do not try to mix coal Fuel with further ingredients to craft some sort of advanced super Fuel; it is not possible, not even if you take some normal Fuel cells and add light, energy and explosives in the GTA-4! Instead, take this cake, which is for sure a lie not a lie.