Liquid Heat Exchanger

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Liquid Heat Exchanger
Grid Liquid Heat Exchanger.png
Grid Liquid Heat Exchanger.png
Type Heat Generator
Tool Grid Wrench.png

Stackable Yes (64)

Liquid Storage 2000 mB

Energy Consumption

Heat Production 10-100 HU/t
Technical Details
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First appearance ?
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The Liquid Heat Exchanger is a machine which extracts heat from fluids. This machine requires at least two additional Heat Conductors in order to function. As of build 694, the only two acceptable input fluids are Lava and Hot Coolant.


When the Liquid Heat Exchanger is placed, the heat output will be facing toward the player. It is distinguishable by the orange square. Like all other, the heat is sent out the output face, so a input face connects here.

Right-clicking the Liquid Heat Exchanger will open its GUI. The center of the GUI consists of ten slots for Heat Conductors At least two heat conductors are required. Each Heat Conductor increases the heat yield by 10 hU/mB, so it is highly recommended to use all 10 slots. The minimum output is therefore 20 hU/t, and the maximum is 100 hU/t. The current output is displayed at the top of the GUI.

On the left and right sides are two internal tanks for the input (left) and output (right) fluids. Each milliBucket of fluid is worth 200 * [number of Heat Conductors] hU. Beneath each fluid tank are two slots. The left slot is for input cells, and the right slot is for output cells. The input cells will be emptied into the input tank as needed and, if Universal Fluid Cells are used, the empty Universal Fluid Cell will be returned in the output cell slot under the input tank. The input slot under the output tank should be empty cells, and the output cells under the output tank will be filled with the output fluid.

Compatible Fluids
Input Fluid Output Fluid
Lava Pahoehoe Lava
Hot Coolant Coolant

The Liquid Heat Exchanger will only run if there is a place for the heat to go; it will not extract heat from the input fluid unless there is sufficient room for all of the heat and resulting output fluid. It is also always "on", and will produce heat whenever it can. Redstone signals do not affect the Liquid Heat Exchanger.


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Grid Liquid Heat Exchanger.png


The Liquid Heat Exchanger takes Fluid Ejector Upgrades and Ejector Upgrades. The Fluid Ejector Upgrade is highly recommended, as this allows you to automatically output the Coolant or Pahoehoe Lava into a Fluid Distributor. Upgrades go into one of the three slots on the bottom-middle of the GUI.


  • The Liquid Heat Exchanger uses almost 10 buckets of Lava providing heat to produce 20 Refined Iron in a Blast Furnace.
  • One bucket of Lava will produce 20,000hU. This is equal to 10,000EU using a Stirling Generator. A Geothermal Generator will produce exactly the same (10,000EU), but without Pahoehoe Lava residue.
  • Pahoehoe Lava can only be made in the Liquid Heat Exchanger.
  • The only use for Hot Coolant is in the Liquid Heat Exchanger to produce hU.