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The QuantumSuit Bodyarmor is a type of armor introduced in IC². It is extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, having Iridium Plates as one of its components. A charged Bodyarmor will absorb a large portion of incoming damage, as well as preventing the user from being lit aflame. This armor also makes you pretty much INVINCIBLE!!

It is a Tier-4 item and hence can only be charged in a MFSU. Note: This is usually considered to be the least cost-efficient armor piece of the QuantumSuit and is usually recommended to be crafted last.

To enable/disable the JetPack mode, press your Boost Key + Mode Switch Key

To enable/disable hover mode, press Jump + Mode Switch Key


Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.<html>.
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See: Crafting Guide


The QuantumSuit Bodyarmor, like all other pieces of QuantumSuit, stores up to 10 million EU, and can only be recharged in an MFSU.

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Note: The GUI of the MFSU shown here is outdated.



Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

QuantumSuit Bodyarmor
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Type Block

Stackable Yes (64)

Technical Details
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The following applies to each piece of quantum armor in the set. Each piece of quantum armor stores 1,000,000 EU, and can use up to 39,990 EU in an instant. Each uses 30 EU for every unit of damage they protects against, so each piece can protect against 33,333 half-hearts of damage to the player between charging, or 1,333 at once. They charge at 1000 EU/t in an MFSU, so they can charge fully in 50 seconds.

The following is the percent of damage taken that is absorbed by each piece of armor (when used separately, not as a set).

Armor Piece Protection Ratio (%)
Helmet 15%
Bodyarmor 44%
Leggings 30%
Boots 15%

You may notice that the sum of the protection for each piece is 104%, not 100%. Sadly the protection is only 100% for a full set, so it doesn't heal you when you get blown up, drowned in lava (the damage is dealed but is equal to 0), or some thing like that. It just prevents damage. The way that works is that the effective protection of each piece is divided by 104%. If one piece of armor doesn't provide it's usual level of protection because it just ran out of charge, or it is used beyond it's capacity in an instant (which requires falling from a distance greater than 3000 meters, or being blown up by a nuke from very near by) then they provide whatever level of protection brings the total to or near to 100%. Near to 100% protection in such circumstances isn't going to do you much good though. Still you probably won't have any real worries there, no matter how suicidal and creative you are. Maybe if you bath in a lava pool in the nether for a few hours and fall asleep, or something, this armor may not be adequate.

The maximum damage you can suffer from a fall or explosion while wearing a full set of armor and still have 100% protection is limited by the bodyarmor piece. The maximum damage that each piece can protect you against is 1333 in an instant. When the protection of the bodyarmor is reduced below 40% you will suffer damage. So if you suffer a little more than 1,333 / 0.4 damage (= 3333 damage) you will get hurt. In practice, a fall distance of at least 3340 is necessary to get 1 half-heart of damage. You can suffer such a fall 25 times though before your bodyarmor runs out of EU.

If you wear the helmet, bodyarmor, and leggings with rubber boots, you get 89% protection from what damage you would suffer with the boots alone during a fall. Fall damage is reduced by a factor of 8 with rubber boots, and it doesn't matter during the one fall if they get destroyed. This means that if you suffer 1000 fall damage, 125 will remain after the boots protect you, and the armor will reduce that to 14, so you will probably live.

Interaction with other mods[edit]

  • There is a mod named Gravitation Suite that allows you to upgrade your QSuit Bodyarmor to a GraviChestPlate, a piece that allows you to also fly and power your electric tools with a maximum storage of 10 million EU.
  • Be aware that Tinkers Construct add a weapon that can bypass 100% Armor Protection (Rapier)


Version MC Version Changes
Industrial Craft²
0.90 Beta 1.7.3 QuantumSuit Bodyarmor is released


1.1 QuantumSuit pieces now require NanoSuit pieces to craft.


1.3.2 Energy costs of the NanoSuit and QuantumSuit are increased