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The QuantumSuit Leggings are a new type of armor introduced in IC². They are extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, having Iridium Plates as one of their components. Charged Leggings allow the user to sprint extremely fast (approximately 3.4 times faster) until discharged. To activate the Quantum-Suit's special abilities, start sprinting while holding control. This can be changed in controls as it overlaps with zoom from the Optifine mod, or you can just set zoom to another key. NOTE: The QuantumSuit Leggings do not consume any energy but requires some energy to do the QuantumSprint! Due to this quirk, if you do not have a MFSU yet to recharge the leggings, you can craft this using a fully charged NanoSuit Leggings to start QuantumSprinting!



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See: Crafting Guide


The QuantumSuit Boots, like all other pieces of QuantumSuit, store up to 10 million EU, and is an amazing piece of Quantum-Technology (Tier 3). Thus it cannot be charged in devices of lower tiers such as the MFE and BatBox. It must be charged in an MFSU.

Interaction with Ice

Once your shiny new QuantumSuit Leggings have become your favourite method of transportation and you're immune to fall damage thanks to your QuantumSuit Boots, it's time to show Vegeta who's really over 9000: Create a nice little track of about 10 ice blocks in a row, place yourself at one end, activate your suit and accelerate across the ice. Right at the end, jump and loudly yell HAYO! as you get closer and closer to the stars! Note that IndustrialCraft² cannot be held responsible for injuries incurred when jumping into walls and/or mountains as you clearly did not yell HAYO! loudly enough to shatter the obstacle. (Note that Quantumsuit leggings don't make you jump higher in the 1.71 update,so this trick is broken, however you can dash at stupid speeds on ice HAYO!)


Version Minecraft Changes
Industrial Craft²
Aug 24, 2011 Alblaka mentions the new QuantumSuit.
0.90 Beta 1.7.3 QuantumSuit Leggings are released.
1.15 Beta 1.8.1 Before this, the default QuantumSprint key was mapped to Boost+Forward


1.1 QuantumSuit pieces now require NanoSuit pieces to craft.


1.3.2 Energy costs of the NanoSuit and QuantumSuit are increased