Weeding Trowel

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The Weeding Trowel is a necessary tool for agriculture. It is the only way to remove Weeds from Crops. To remove the Weed, simply right-click with the Weeding Trowel in hand. This will drop the Weeds as an item, which can then be Macerated into Bio Chaff at a ratio of 32:1.


Grid Iron.png
Grid Rubber.png

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Grid Iron.png
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Grid Weeding Trowel.png

See: Crafting Guide


Greetings, employee of Apertura Agricultures.

Testing data Feedback from our puny biological servants beloved employees has shown that the plant species known as "weed" has developed a stronger resistance against physical removal.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to selectively remove this parasite by hand without also removing the installed Cropstick system.

In order to avoid this and also to allow retrieval of weed specimen for further analysis, Apertura Agricultures hereby authorizes you to construct the G-110 Anti-Parasite Physical Plant Removal Tool with this blueprint:


(I = Iron Ingot, R = Rubber)
As always, any complaints about our blueprint designs will be forwarded to our mentally unstable artists.

DosGla, Head Control Unit of Apertura Agricultures