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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Hops are a tier 5 IndustrialCraft2 crop which can only be obtained through cross breeding. Hops appear virtually identical to Redwheat and Wheat for most of its growth stages, however the final three stages of its growth vary from both. The most noticeable is at maturity: there is a slight difference in coloring, with Hops having a slightly green hue on the tips and on the stalks. The Hops item appears as 3 small pods grouped together and is used to brew Beer in a Grid Empty Booze Barrel.png Booze Barrel.


Hops need a light level of at least 8 to grow and grow very slowly, sometimes taking hours, depending on the seed's growth stats.


When harvested with right-click, Hops yield Grid Hops.png Hop items which appear as a group of three green pods. If left-clicked, they have a chance of dropping a Hops seed bag.


Whether Hops are bred comes down to chance. There have been reports of just using two sugarcane, but this would be a very low chance if it were true.

Some good combinations include:

  • Nether Wart x Stickreed
  • Stickreed x Stickreed
  • Nether Wart x Nether Wart

For more information on cross-breeding, see the Crops and Cross-Breeding Tutorial


Ever bored of just drinking water for your own amusement?

Never fear! Hops will lighten up your life! If brewed properly, you can make delicious drinks that give you super powers!

Warning: If brewed incorrectly, they may become a sludgy, black stuff that will kill you instantly.