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Rubber Boots greatly reduce fall damage and are part of the Hazmat Set.



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See: Crafting Guide

Technical Details[edit]

This applies for IC2 v1.71 for Minecraft 1.1 and up. Fall damage (d) is normally equal to the height (h) fallen minus 3. The boots reduce damage sustained by a factor of 8 rounded down. So...

d = (h - 3) / 8 (rounded down)

Height damage to player
0 - 10 0
11 - 18 1
19 - 26 2
27 - 34 3
35 - 42 4
43 - 50 5
163 - 170 20

We have also observed that the maximum damage to boots is 64 (they break at 65) and the damage to boots(d) = (h-3) * 7/16, so falling 83 blocks for example causes 35 damage to boots. The maximum height to fall without destroying the boots is 150.


Ever had that problem where you'd fall off a cliff and die? WELL NO MORE!!! Our researchers have recently discovered a NEW usage for Rubber and created Rubber Boots!

Enjoy jumping off of your house! Or getting into your mine without having to use those pesky ladders. It completely negates all fall damage up to 10 blocks high!

We do not guarantee and are not held liable for the quality of any product not manufactured by our well trained employees. As such if you break your leg while using a pair of rubber boots you or anyone other than us made then don't come crying to us about the shoddy craftsmanship.