Rubber Wood

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Rubber Wood
Rubbertree Wood ig.png
Grid Rubber Wood.png
Type Block
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
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Rubber Wood is one of the components of Rubber Trees. It can be extracted into a Rubber. Sometimes (25% per log max 3 holes per tree), Rubber Wood blocks have a Resin Hole (see image to the right). Right clicking the resin hole with a Treetap will produce 1-3 Sticky Resin, which can be smelted into 1 Rubber each in any furnace or extracted in an Extractor into 3 Rubber.

Be aware that right clicking an dry (dark) Resin Hole may produce extra Resin, but is very likely to permanently remove the Resin Hole. Therefore, it is advised to be careful when extracting Resin.


A rubber wood block can have a resin hole on only one of its four sides.

Pistons and slime blocks cannot move a rubber log with a resin hole on it. A plain log can be moved.


Rubber Wood can either be extracted for Rubber, or turned into normal Logs or Planks. It is also used in crafting an Empty Booze Barrel.

Grid Rubber Wood.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Rubber.png

Grid Rubber Wood.png

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Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks

Grid Rubber Wood.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Wood.png

Grid Wooden Planks.png
Grid Rubber Wood.png
Grid Wooden Planks.png

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