Coolant (Fluid)

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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.<html>.

Coolant is a fluid in IC2 used to make Grid 10k Coolant Cell.png Coolant Cells and to cool a Grid Reactor Pressure Vessel.png Fluid Reactor.


Coolant is made by enriching water or Distilled Water with Grid Lapis Lazuli Dust.png Lapis Lazuli Dust in the Grid Canning Machine.png Canning Machine set to Fluid Enrich mode.

Note: The coolant would either be output into the Canning Machine's output tank or an available Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png Universal Fluid Cell, not both. The GUI is merely an example.

As shown, for every 1000 mB of coolant produced, using normal water requires 8 dust while using Distilled Water only requires 1 dust.


Coolant is primarily used to craft Grid 10k Coolant Cell.png 10k Coolant Cells, but can also be placed in the world for decorative purposes.

Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid Tin Plate.png
CellFluid IC2 Coolant.pngGrid Universal Fluid Cell.png
Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid Tin Plate.png

Grid 10k Coolant Cell.png

Fluid Coolant is also a key component of energy production in the Grid Reactor Pressure Vessel.png Fluid Reactor, where it is heated into Hot Coolant by the reactor and cooled by a Grid Liquid Heat Exchanger.png Liquid Heat Exchanger.