Depleted Isotope Cell

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Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

Depleted Isotope Cells are created by combining a Grid Near-Depleted Uranium Cell.png Near-Depleted Uranium Cell with Coal Dust. The Depleted Isotope Cell can then be enriched in a Grid Nuclear Reactor.png Nuclear Reactor to create a Grid Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.png Re-Enriched Uranium Cell. Depleted Isotope Cells are enriched by placing them adjacent to one or more Grid Uranium Cell.png Uranium Cells. This will cause the Uranium Cells to pulse an additional time. This pulse will recharge the isotope cell, producing heat but no EU.


Grid Near-Depleted Uranium Cell.png

Grid Coal Dust.png

Grid Depleted Isotope Cell.png


When placed in a Nuclear Reactor, the speed at which the Depleted Isotope Cell will be enriched depends on the temperature of the Nuclear Reactor. A hotter reactor will enrich Depleted Isotope Cells faster.