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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Crop-Matron ig.png
Grid Crop-Matron.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
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Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use 1 EU/t
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EU Storage {{{storage}}} EU
EU Production {{{eu_produce}}} EU/t
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Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
Heat Use {{{hu_use}}} HU/t
Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
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The Crop-Matron is a tier 1 machine that will monitor crops in a 9x9x3 area and automatically apply Grid Fertilizer.png Fertilizer, Grid Weed-EX.png Weed-EX, and Water as needed. Water can be added to the Crop-Matron with Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png Universal Fluid Cells, or pumped in directly.

Use Weed-EX sparingly, since overuse will affect crops negatively. Tilled dirt still requires a nearby water block to be hydrated as the Matron will only water the crop, not the soil.


Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png
Grid Crops.png
Grid Chest.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Crops.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png
Grid Crops.png
Grid Crop-Matron.png

Two 9x9 experimental homesteads with Crop-Matrons in center


To prove you're more then just a replaceable, puny, biological machine used to perform minor tasks for my personal pleasure the whole company, we provided you advanced means to perform your agricultural research tasks:

First off, you are now officially permitted to assemble a "Crop-Matron". This machine is designed to do your previous assignment: Sitting next to your crops and providing Fertilizer and Hydration for them. A single Crop-Matron can, if sufficiently powered, cover an crop area in a 4block-radius around it, with up to +-1 height meter difference. Be advised, to promote our employees working by hand, the machine is designed not to be as efficient as manual fertilizing/hydration.

Our mentally unstable artists asked us to pass on this "blueprint" to you for unknown reason: Crop-Matron:



c c c

c = Crop, C = Chest, M = Machine Block, E = Electronic Circuit, U = Universal Fluid Cell