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Crops TEs are main part of agriculture system, they are used to grow crops and to create hybrid crops.

Crops can only be placed on hydrated, tilted soil.

To plant a culture Right-click with it on empty crop, flowers require 4 items to place.

There are also additional requirements that need to be met to place a Crop:

- Light Level - Hydration - Fertility

Note: These are generally more noticeable at Night.

Placing an additional Crop over another will result in Crossed-Crop that can be used to interbreed adjusting plants and create Hybrid plants.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, an additional TE code caused crop trampling by any Entity collision, but in our galaxy 1.103 this may have been fixed.

Weed-ex also has side effects on cultures, such as Drop Quality, Allergic Reactions and Death.

TE for crop nearly as complex as reactor's one.


(Think of Stick-Boots.)

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Grid Stick.png

Grid Stick.png
Grid Stick.png
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