Geothermal Generator

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Geothermal Generator
Geothermal Generator ig.png
Grid Geothermal Generator.png
Type Generator
Tool Grid Wrench.png

Stackable Yes (64)

Liquid Storage 8000 mB

Energy Consumption

EU Storage 2400 EU
EU Production 20 EU/t
Max EU Output 32 EU/t (LV)
Technical Details
Operation Length 25 Seconds
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance  ?
ID IC2:te@4

The Geothermal Generator produces EU by consuming lava, which may be supplied by buckets, Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png Universal Fluid Cells (or consumable Grid Lava Cell.png Lava Cells in older versions), or directly from an adjacent block such as a Grid Pump.png Pump or Grid Fluid Distributor.png Fluid Distributor. Every 1 mB of lava consumed produces 10 EU, so that every bucket or cell provides a total of 10,000 EU at a rate of 20 EU/t. However, the Geothermal Generator can discharge up to 32 EU/t if it has stored EU.

Like any other machine, remove with a Grid Wrench.png Wrench to avoid breaking it down into a Grid Basic Machine Casing.png Basic Machine Casing. Removing the Geothermal Generator will also cause it to lose all stored EU and lava; any items still inside will be dropped and may be retrieved.


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Grid Glass.png
Grid Iron Item Casing.png
Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png
Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png
Grid Generator.png
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Grid Glass.png
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Grid Geothermal Generator.png


The Geothermal Generator GUI.
Lava-bearing items are placed in the upper-left slot, and if empty containers are returned, they will appear in the lower-left slot. Lava will fill up to the 8000 mB internal storage capacity, shown in the center vertical gauge, and as the lava is consumed it will produce EU. This happens automatically, no need for a redstone signal.

If the generated EU is not being drawn off by a cable or adjacent machine, it will charge the internal storage up to 2.4K EU, shown by the horizontal gauge on the upper right. Power tier 1 items may be charged using the slot underneath. If the internal EU storage is completely full, no additional lava will be consumed; none is wasted.

The Geothermal Generator is also used as a crafting component for the Grid Semifluid Generator.png Semifluid Generator.


Ge-o-ther-mal, doesn't that sound really good? Yeah, it does. And why? Because it's freakin awesome!

A Geothermal Generator works on the same basic principle as normal Generators do. But instead of wastefully burning stuff, these machines use the heat of pure Magma to provide a clean, yet powerful energy source. Just put a bucket of freshly gathered lava in, and watch your RE Batteries charge up! HAYO!

Attention: We take no responsibility for any physical damage customers may take in the process of filling Geothermal Generators with lava. That was specified in the waiver of liability you signed during your purchase.

You may not sue us for payment of ANY fire damage done to your housing, due to said stipulation in said waiver of liability.


Version Changes
0.90 Geothermal Generators are re-released.
1.337 The output of a Geothermal Generator was buffed from 10 EU/t (in 10 EU-p) to 20 EU/t (in 20 EU-p).
Build #189[?] Geothermal Generators output 32 EU-packets by default; however, their default EU output is still 20 EU/t.
Some version[?] Yield per 1000 mB of lava reduced from 20,000 EU to 10,000 EU.