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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.222.

Tin cables can tolerate up to 32 EU per packet, they are very cheap to make and have extremely low energy loss. This makes them the ideal cable for solar flowers, since each produce a current equal to 1 EU/t.

Note the difference between EU/p and EU/t. If you connect 40 solar panels to a length of tin cable, the cable would still not burn out - the cable will transport 40 1-EU packets, not one 40-EU packet. In theory one can therefore connect an unlimited number of solar panels to a single Tin Cable. You will still lose 1EU per 40 blocks, but in a large Solar panel array this will mean close to nothing. 79 blocks of tin wire can connect 239 Solar panels (79 on the top and both sides, plus one on each end), and if you tap the wire on the bottom of one side, only 1EU will be lost in the cable. In theory, 40 packets of 1 EU/t = 40 losses after the 39th cable.

Tin cable has the same loss rate as copper cable now, 0.20 EU/t per block.


Because of their low-ish energy loss and a solar panels low energy output, People tend to make their solar "flowers" using tin cable instead of copper. If you have the compact solars or advanced solars addons then you will need to use copper or sometimes higher.


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Tin Cable

Tin Cable

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Cable Efficiency[edit]

Cable type EU/b Energy loss
Tin Uninsulated 0.20 1 EU every 5 blocks
Insulated Tin 0.20 1 EU every 5 blocks