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Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

The Uranium Fuel Rod, is the main fuel for the Grid Nuclear Reactor.png Nuclear Reactor and Reactor Pressure Vessel (Fluid Reactor). Uranium Fuel Rods are radioactive, and a Hazmat Suit must be worn while handling to protect the player.



EU Reactor[edit]

The primary use of a Uranium Fuel Rod is to sit in a Nuclear Reactor. Uranium Fuel Rods last 1 reactor cycle (20,000 seconds). By default, a Uranium Fuel Rod will produce 2,000,000 EU in a cycle (5 EU per tick).

Once every two seconds, the reactor does two passes on all its components. The first pass is for heat, the second for EU.

Heat Pass[edit]

The heat generated by a Uranium Fuel Rod is calculated by the formula

heat/second = 2n(n + 1)

where n is the number of adjacent fuel rods.

The generated heat will be distributed evenly to adjacent heat-accepting components. The order of distribution is left, right, down, up. The heat distributed to each heat-accepting component is the remaining heat divided by the remaining components, rounded down. There are cases where the component sends heat back to the Fuel Rod (such as leftover heat when a vent breaks), and this does affect how much heat is sent to remaining components. Any remaining heat after distribution is sent to the reactor hull.

EU Pass[edit]

On each EU pass, 5 EU is added to the reactor's output value. An additional 5 EU is added for each adjacent fuel rod.

Finally, if the item damage value is 9999 or more, it will turn into a Grid Fuel Rod (Depleted Uranium).pngDepleted Uranium Fuel Rod.

Fluid Reactor[edit]

We are working on documenting this feature of IndustrialCraft2. In the meantime, there is a helpful discussion about the Reactor Pressure Vessel here on the forums.

Multi-rod assemblies[edit]

Uranium Fuel Rods can be crafted into more powerful fuel rod assemblies.

Dual Fuel Rod[edit]

The Dual Uranium Fuel Rod generates 20 EU/t and 24 hU/s.

Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png

Grid Iron Plate.png

Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png

Grid Dual Fuel Rod (Uranium).png

Quad Fuel Rod[edit]

The Quad Fuel Rod generates 60 EU/t and 96 hU/s.

Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png
Grid Copper Plate.png
Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png
Grid Iron Plate.png
Grid Iron Plate.png
Grid Iron Plate.png
Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png
Grid Copper Plate.png
Grid Fuel Rod (Uranium).png
Grid Quad Fuel Rod (Uranium).png