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Wiki Updates: This update history refers only to Major Wiki Changes (that Chocohead has done). Feel free to add your own changes too though!

For Experimental IC² Update History: See this page.
For Classic IC² Update History: See this page.
For Classic IC Update History: See this page.

To Do List[edit]

  • Finish overhauling grid
  • Update all the crafting templates
  • Finalise a decision on the new image naming scheme
  • Update 16x16 wiki textures
    • Maybe remove old, unused 16x16 images
  • Revert 32x32 wiki textures
  • Add 48x48 wiki textures
  • Add support for 48x48 grid (maybe)
  • Add support for 48x48 crafting templates (maybe)
  • Add 256x256 block wiki textures
  • See if anything can be done to automate Template:Version Template:Version²
  • Find why my Sandbox page refuses to stop loading
  • Add tooltips to Crafting Grid
  • Add tooltips to Furnace
  • Add tooltips to Machine
  • Add tooltips to Metal Former
  • Add tooltips to Canning Machine
    • Tooltips added to tanks!
    • Convert {{FluidGauge}} to Lua
  • Add tooltips to Ore Washing Plant
  • Add tooltips to (Thermal) Centrifuge
  • Add tooltip override of [*name*]*image*~*link*,*amount*
    • Fix tooltips with non-image objects Just add title=*tooltip name* in the div
  • Find the source of the mysterious CPU drain
  • Make list of all templates - kinda done with Category:Templates
  • Make list of all modules - anything in Module namespace
  • (Try) centralise all regularly updating things (version, changing main page to manual update when Jenkins is down etc.)
    • Less need for this, both examples are now automatic (to an extent) ^
    • Could still have a main maintenance page however - Category:Wiki Maintenance
  • Make Turning Table Crafting Grid
    • (And add tooltips)
  • Make Blast Furnace Crafting Grid
  • Make Fermenter Crafting Grid?
  • Look into animating more complicated crafting grids:
    • Metal Former
    • (Thermal) Centrifuge
    • Canning Machine
  • Add datestamps to the Changelog


  • Increase wiki performance
  • Added IC2 v2.2.713 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.714 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.715 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.716 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.717 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.718 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.719 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.720 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.721 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.722 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.723 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.724 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.725 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.726 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.727 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.728 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.729 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.730 update
  • Added some missing machine templates
  • Changed {{Version²}} a little


  • Implemented {{Infobox}} (going from {{Block}} or {{Item}})
  • Added IC2 v2.2.709 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.710 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.711 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.712 update
  • Some other minor things



  • Made Turning Table Crafting Grid
  • Fixed normal crafting grid overhanging
  • Added IC2 v2.2.692 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.693 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.694 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.695 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.696 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.697 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.698 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.699 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.700 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.701 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.702 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.703 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.704 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.705 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.706 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.707 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.708 update
  • Probably other things I forgot


  • Changed use of <rss> to call the Jenkins XML API
  • Made Main Page version automatically update, and have fall back if Jenkins is down
  • Added Extension External Data extension
  • Removed RSS Extension


  • Added new items to {{Navigation}}
  • Fixed it so icons can now not link anywhere by setting the link to "None"


  • Updated Jenkins RSS Feed


  • Added custom tooltips to Module:Grid
  • Changed {{Grid/Crafting Table}} to use {{Gc}}
  • Added maintenance viewing template ({{Statusbox}})
  • Removed old, unused templates
  • Added IC2 v2.2.689 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.690 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.691 update


  • Added IC2 v2.2.685 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.686 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.687 update
  • Added IC2 v2.2.688 update


  • Added IC2 v2.2.684 update.


  • Added ability for tooltips to be changed in {{Grid/Crafting Table}}. See The FAQ for how.
  • Made it so \ will make a new line in a tooltip and make the text Minecraft light grey. Don't put more than 1 in 1 tooltip though, as it'll end up with trailing open <span>s.



  • Added Tooltips. They are not added to items by default however.
  • Removed the SemanticMediaWiki extension, since it was slowing the wiki down.


  • Added IC2 v2.2.682 update



  • imer turned the world into a mass of hides.





  • Added IC2 v2.2.681 update
  • Overhauled the User Rights system.




  • Installed RSS Extension
  • Realised {{Version²}} exists, changing current usage of {{Version}} to it (as Version was for IC1)
  • Started testing on how RSS could be used to automatically update {{Version²}} Done
  • Got close to being able to use RSS, bug in the extension left it quite close, but not quite close enough (see Testing)


  • Added IC2 v2.2.679 update
  • More work on Module:Grid to fix {{Gc}} generally having both a link and a number of items set


  • Added IC2 v2.2.678 update


  • Added IC2 v2.2.677 update
  • Shortened Main Page/News message
  • Allowed top and bottom to be interchanged with input and fuel with Module:Grid Furnace
  • Changed Template:Gc to use Module:Grid directly
  • Removed caption from Template:Grid
  • Made it so items are called: name~link (was caption~name)
  • Attempted to make number of items links, didn't work out


  • Added IC2 v2.2.676 update
  • Fixed all the Navbox icons
  • Fixed the images I accidentally misspelt a few months ago



v0 - Base

  • The wiki before I found started - 8th of February 2015