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This is the FAQ of the wiki, but it's still WIP (work in progress).

General FAQ[edit]

Question: What are we doing with old IC2/IC1 information?
Answer: Good question.
If it's a crafting recipe, clearly show it's the old recipe. It'll be using 32x32px grid images too, and new ones should use 48x48, but that's not quite ready yet.
Old information should be clearly labelled as old or re-written.
If in doubt, leave it, and it'll get sorted out at some point.

Question: A part of a page is broken/on fire!
Answer: That's not really a question, but probably related to the Big Changes that are occurring. If it's not fixed in a day, tell Chocohead.

Question: I have an IC2 bug!
Answer: This isn't the place for it, go to the support section of the forum and if you can't find an answer, either post there or on the bug tracker.

Question: I have an IC2 suggestion!
Answer: Go here and post a new thread if the idea hasn't already been suggested.

Question: Why does x happen when I do y?
Answer: Ask here.

Question: Why do so many people think the wiki is a forum?
Answer: I have no idea. Ask on the forum :P

Question: Why do I have to suffer a CAPTCHA every time I save an edit?
Answer: Spam protection. It is annoying, but there would be masses more spam if it wasn't there.

Question: What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Answer: Post it in the talk page or this forum section. It'll get answered as soon as possible. If it's a common question, it might get added to this list too.

Crafting Grids[edit]

Question: How do I add a crafting grid to a page?
Answer: Depends which one. Generally, looking at Template:Grid/*name*/doc will tell you, with all the old machines at Template:Grid/Machine.

Question: I'm still not completely sure...
Answer: Then just find a page that already uses one, and copy that. You should only need to change the items in it.

Question: How do I change what the tooltip of the item I'm showing is?
Answer: You would do a |(slot)-tooltip=, then that'd go into the title of tooltip div. You don't really need to know this though ;) Like |A1-tooltip=Copper Cable if |A1=Cable.

Question: I want to show a recipe but there's no crafting grid for it!
Answer: Again, not really a question. Just tell Chocohead and he should get working on it (at some point :P).

Question: A crafting grid is really broken!
Answer: It's probably one of the Big Changes having an effect on it. Check the recent changes to see if that template has been modified recently. It could also be that you have done something wrong, so make sure you double check.

Big Wiki Changes[edit]

Question: What's changing in the big changes?
Answer: EVERYTHING! Well, maybe not everything, just most things.

Question: What does "most things" count as?
Answer: Well...
  • Grid images increasing in size from 32x32 -> 48x48 px
  • The navigation bar not missing half the block textures
  • Templates using Lua
  • Standards in grid images (the template system is chaos)
  • Auto-updating latest version using the Jenkins RSS Feed
  • More that I've forgotten

Question: Where can I find out how these changes are coming along?
Answer: See this page. There might be a few posts on the wiki section of the forums too.

Question: How can I help?
Answer: By updating a lot of the information and/or documenting new things. Just put a message on Chocohead's talk page or PM him on the forums.