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NOTICE: This tutorial is currently discontinued, if someone would like to pick it up please do. Also be warned that the adventure update will most likely obsolete most of the article as Notch and Alblaka will both likely have some big changes to the economy then.

NOTICE: Pictures will be added, if you would like to do so please do, but stick as close as possible to the instruction as you can.

Getting aquainted

You've generated your new world with Industrial Craft, but what can you do? Well, you can do many things. Some of them are expensive, and even worse most of them are complicated. Industrial Craft has a tiered crafting system that needs you to craft/process raw materials to make secondary items just to use those to craft what you really wanted. Your best bet is to find a nice flat spot near a cave and settle in because you've got a day or two of hard mining before you'll get to see you're first functional machine.

This is not (just) and introduction to Industrial Craft, its also about making the most of what you have. To do that, you'll need to make you're machines in the right order and use those you've made to make the next one easier. The first two we'll start with are a generator and a macerator. You can use these two in conjunction with each other to (theoretically) reduce the metal cost of all other machines by half (in the terms of ore mined anyways).

Shopping List:

 •  iron pick (for the redstone, otherwise any pick will do)
 •  access to a workbench
 •  55 logs
 •  18 iron ore
 •  6 copper ore
 •  6 tin ore
 •  6 redstone
 •  17 cobblestone
 •  4 coal

Now the only two items on here you're probably not familiar with are copper and tin ore. Well the good news is you'll be seeing them quite often while you're mining (They appear at the same level as iron and seem to be more common). The bad news is you'll be using them in every machine you make.

You'll need everything on that list with 2 extra planks, so try and make a separate chest to store it all in. Any extra metal ore you find should be saved until after the macerator is fully functional. So grab you're workbench and get ready because here we go.

To Do List:

 •  19 logs -> 76 wooden planks
 •  60 planks -> 12 treetaps
 •  12 treetaps + 36 logs -> 12 rubber
 •  4 planks -> 8 sticks
 •  6 sticks + 9 cobblestone -> 3 stone picks
 •  8 cobblestone -> Furnace
 •  place furnace
 •  use 1 plank, 1 stick and 2 coal to smelt 18 iron ore to iron
 •  use 1 plank, 1 stick and 2 coal to smelt 18 iron to refined iron
 •  use 4 planks to smelt 6 copper ore to 6 copper
 •  use 4 planks to smelt 6 tin ore to 6 tin
 •  6 copper + 12 rubber -> 16 cables
 •  4 cables + 2 redstone + 6 tin -> 2 batteries
 •  2 refined iron + 4 redstone + 12 cables -> 2 circuits
 •  use pick to remove furnace
 •  16 refined iron -> 2 machines
 •  1 furnace + 1 machine + 1 battery -> Generator
 •  1 machine + 3 stone picks + 2 circuits -> Macerator

You'll end up with 2 planks, 1 battery, 1 generator, and 1 macerator. Place the macerator and generator on the ground. You'll charge the battery in the generator with 3 coal and place it in the macerator for the next step. There are more efficient recipes, check here for them. The goal is 10000 energy.

The End of an Era... (Current WIP)

We're about to move fully into the modern age. You've probably noticed you spent 51 logs on only 12 rubber. Well you'll be using cables an awful lot and therefore will be using rubber even more. Well waste not, want not, we're getting an extractor and shortly after an electric furnace.

Shopping List:

 •  25 logs
 •  6 iron ore
 •  3 copper ore
 •  2 redstone

Green Industry

Now this is where it gets complicated to be efficient. The first thing you'll need to do to move on is make another furnace and place it down. When that's done and with your macerator functioning, its time we use it. You'll need to put 6 tin ore in the macerator to get 12 tin dust, and use you're 2 extra planks from a while ago to smelt 3 of them. While its smelting those, get 3 copper ore and put that in the macerator to get 6 copper dust. While all of that completes go and gather 52 logs. Make wood planks from 1 log, and use them to smelt the 6 copper dust. Use 15 logs to make planks, use those to make tree taps, and use those with the other 36 logs to make 12 rubber. Grab your 12 rubber and 6 copper to make 16 cables. Make one more battery with your tin. (More written tommorow. WIP)