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You have an idea, which isn't in this mod and you would like to use it in IndustrialCraft?

Then have a look at the Talk of this page and post your idea!

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Suggestions, which has already asked:

Building Template Module[edit]

Have you ever wanted a shelter or base but didn't have the time, antention span or health to do so?

Picture na.png

Now thanks to International Inc. you can! With the Building Template Module! Using the same techology seen in WWII by both the Allies and Soviets

you can now construct enitre (predetermined) bases in mere seconds! Just place the MK-VI Building Template Module of your choice on the ground and HAYO!

A new building*! Buildings include: Barracks (cheapest and comes with very basics for surviving) War Factory (Comes with coal powered generator, eletric furnace,

work bench and basic wiring) Tech Buliding (Comes with most products sold by us, advanced wiring, and terraformers) and the Fort

(Comes with all products and has tesla coils and advanced wiring). As more schematics are released we will keep giving new updates! Order it today!

  • Note Building Template Module must be powered first to create building

Base Template[edit]

X= Nuclear Generator

Y= TerraFormer


M= Advanced Machine

J= Computer Core

C= Advanced Circuts


The Module is made to have all basic machines to deploy this.


The Computer is in there for you to be able to use a modified Flash Drive thingy you have that has the construction codes for the device to know what you want.


- by Rjiles -

( ) Approved by Alblaka

(x) Unapproved by Alblaka

Colored cables[edit]

Cable ig.png

I got the idea of having colored cables in IC. And it should work this way: all cables are black by default. A black cable will only send energy to another black cable, and then, a red (random color here) cable will only send energy to another red cable. So you could had compact but separate power lines.


( ) Approved by Alblaka

(x) Unapproved by Alblaka