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Building Template Module[edit]

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Fully Automated Charger/Generator[edit]

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If we have uranium, we must be careful with radiation, because it can kill.

Thinking in this sentence, I made it:

First suggestion:

Do the uranium ore kill, without explosions, only with radiation.

One uranium ore have 5 blocks of radiation, any thing in this area will take damage

--Okay, its good, but how we will use uranium without getting closer?

Second suggestion:

Put in the game Lead Ore. This is the best material to use radioatives things. With a Lead Ore we can build:

Boxes of lead, to store radioative things;

Clothes of lead, to use radioative things;

Walls of lead, to contain radiations from the reactors(you put your reactor in a room of lead);

With this things, the nuke will be more realistic, and the people will not be happy in see uranium closer from your base, only if they have a stock of lead.

--Kiko5 - Tanks for your attention. 04:41, 24 April 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngOh, yes. I was hoping it'd be like this from the start. If you put uranium in a regular chest, it would do damage to anyone nearby! Hazmat suits would have to be relatively expensive, made of rubber and lead, and be very weak against attacks. Also, the uranium wouldn't deal TOO much damage, so it would be low enough to harvest unclothed. It would be silly to punish people and force them to mine around the ore completely. Also, holding uranium in your inventory shouldn't hurt you, that would be crazy. If it's in your hand, hurting things within range would be cool.Quote.png
by jivix(agree)

Quote.pngSomething similar to this. The uranium ore block is not radioactive. If you're carrying too much uranium (more than 8 ore, 4 fuel ingots, or 1 bomb), you'll take radiation damage. If a container contains uranium, it will be radioactive unless it's a lead-lined chest (recipe: 8 lead around a chest). To protect yourself from radiation, craft a set of lead armor.

Also, have another non-solid block and an item to go with it: nuclear waste. Nuclear waste as a block emits radiation, and it's produced when a nuclear explosion occurs, a nuclear meltdown occurs, or nuclear waste is dropped as a loose entity. It can be mined to produce a nuclear waste item, which is also produced whenever a uranium fuel ingot goes through the reactor. This item is safe to hold in your inventory for one minute before you start taking massive damage. You can't discard the item: drop it and it becomes a non-solid block, throw it into lava or water and you get a small nuclear explosion, put it in a recycler and it will just pass through. It can be assembled in a 9:1 recipe into a nuclear waste block with similar properties. The block can be reduced down in a compressor to a compressed block, which can be crafted with perhaps 4 lead to produce packaged nuclear waste. This is similar to the waste block, but it can be placed somewhere and it won't emit radiation. Alternatively, put the compressed block into an extractor to produce a reprocessed fuel ingot, with all the properties of uranium ingots except not as many EUs produced.Quote.png

by BrassLantern(agree)

Quote.pngIn my opinion both suggestions are great. "BrassLantern"'s suggestions with nuclear waste is good, too. Maybe we need a new machine to enrich the nuclear waste to get a new fuel ingotQuote.png
by Samifighter(agree)

Defense Turret[edit]

I was thinking of a Defensive Turret/cannon of some sort.

The Tesla coil is great for places that you have a nice power station set up or don't need to walk through alot. Though for small outposts or automated miner setups far away from your base they aren't so practical.

So here we go. After thinking about it I came up with this.

Defense Turret


L=Mining Laser/or new part
M=Machine Block
R=Reinforced Stone
E=Energy Crystal

Place this block and tie it into electricity. Have it fire at all enemies, but not target the player. For damage I crunched numbers and came up with about 2.5 hearts per shot at a rate of 1 shot every 3 seconds. Electrical use would come out to about 300 EU per shot. This would equate out to 1 shot every 6 seconds with only one max input line at 50 EUs hooked in, but if you hooked in another for 100 EUs you would get the 1 shot per 3 seconds. Firing distance would be between 10~15 blocks. I think the gap in firing time equates the lower EU usage, as these are designed for mining operation/outpost defense. As you establish yourself/if you decide to, you can upgrade the fire rate by hooking in more power. You would obviously want to build more than a few, because of the low damage.

My final thoughts are maybe a redstone on/off feature if it was hooked in.

--Siaran 04:55, 24 April 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngExcellent idea. now i would opt for 2 types of Turrets. Manual and Automated. Automated replaces C and M with the advanced versions. The rest should be self-explanatory. Second of all: I'd like to see a "rocket turret". essentially you craft rockets, which have the impact of ITNT and fly in a straight line. rocket turrets require resupply and can be resupplied via chestQuote.png
by Thekillman(agree)

Quote.pngThis suggestion is nearly impossible to make. Exspecially the automated turret. It has to scan a area for enemies and then has to shoot on them... And by the way, i don't like the idea. Would be to easy to defend^^Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngI think this would be very fun. How about a target painter, a laser pointer you point at your targets? (points mischievously at nearby buddy's back >:).Quote.png
by jivix(agree)

Quote.pngGood concept but I'd have to actually see it in action. There's the tesla coil but that takes 5000EUs which can take a while so many a smaller version of the tesla that doesn't pack as much punch but fires off at a lesser charge.Quote.png
by zatty(agree(kind of))

Advanced Machines[edit]

  1. Implement an entire leveled system, Mark I to IX, of most of the machines; Macerators, Extractors, Compressors, etc. Each level requires a number of Advanced Machine blocks plus the previous iteration of the machine. Starting with the base machine and one Advanced Machine Block to craft a Mark II and finishing with a Mark IIX and 8 Advanced Machine blocks for the Mark IX. That's a massive 45 Advanced Machines to go from one to nine. 360 iron for the basic Machine blocks alone. The person boasting a bank of Mark IXs is truly an Industrialite.
  2. Increasing the level of your machines would obviously come with perks besides showing off to your friends. Each level increases the speed with which the machine works, and the upper reaches come with additional perks. The Miner Mark V now goes out 3 squares from it's origin, while the Mark IX goes out 4 for a 9x9 area of automated mining. The Macerator becomes more efficient at sorting ore from the chaff of stone, and each level after the first has a 10% chance of returning a third dust (or a second for coal.) The Recycler becomes more likely to spit out scrap and at higher levels has a chance of a High Quality Piece of Scrap, yielding a second loot table bereft of the the things you'll promptly stuff right back in. The Extractor Mark IX becomes a sort of second Recycler as it manges to extract the last vestiges of ore from Stone; occasionally spitting out Iron, Copper, Tin, Lapis Lazuli, Redtone, Gold, Coal, or Diamond blocks.


Quote.pngTake note that will use allot of blocks IDs to such a thing. I dont think that there are that many free IDs.Quote.png
by Newkie(disagree)

Quote.pngDAMAGE VALUES. That is all. Since we all know IC builds awesome machines that never wear down, there's no need for them to have damage in the data/damage slot. Do it like wool, only instead of changing color, or making new sprites, just make it so that the "Machine Mk #" appears in the GUI. Maybe make a Mk X which has the same recipe as Mk IX, but with an IX in the middle instead of VIII, and put one faceplate in there with a Mk X, which gets pasted on five sides of Mk X machines. Sure, that's one less sprite for other new stuff, but the Miner could share a sprite with the extractor...Quote.png
by myrrlyn(agree)

Quote.pngThere is no need for a leveling system in machines : if you want a more efficient factory, you just have to craft more machines and generators, and if you want to show off, you should try to build an Industrial house with diamond blocks created from Mass Fabricators or Recyclers (really hard :P ).A leveling system would add longevity to the mod for sure, but I think new mechanics (and machines, wirings...) would be more interesting.Also, producing a 3rd dust with the Macerator could change the balance a lot, even with such an high cost : with Miners, Mass Fabricators, and by mining yourself with powerful tools you can get a high number of ores, collecting 360 ores can be relatively fast, and then you gain a 50% production... That's quite a lot.Quote.png
by Doc_Pringle(disagree)

Colored cables[edit]

Moved to Archive.

Buildcraft Submod[edit]

Buildcraft[1] is an awesome mod that uses pipes to transport items to and from machines.

Now of course you COULD say "install Buildcraft then". However in the IC world, it is a game breaker. The Quarry, Autocrafter and Golden Pipe (item booster) require only Redstone current. This means free boosting, free crafting, and free mining.

Industrial Buildcraft as a Submod would largely incorporate the same systems. Changes:

-Golden Pipes require EC's to accelerate items in the pipe -The Mining Well is superseded by the IC miner. -The Quarry requires EC. Possibly in the form of High Voltage? -The Autocrafter requires EC. (Rename to Factory?) -Gears are Superseded by Circuits.


-Bronze Pipes. Crafted like the other pipes, with 2 bronze Ingots. Bronze pipes function like Gold Pipes but also can change direction. The combined abilities of the Iron Pipe + Gold Pipe.

-Refined Iron crafts double the amount of Iron pipes.

-Quarry Recipe : Iron Gears => Circuits Diamond Gears => Advanced Circuits Gold Gears => Advanced Machinery Block

Why add this? Because it's a natural expansion of IC and it allows for Megafactories to be built.


Quote.pngWell, Alblaka don't have the permissions to copy any mod and transfer it to IC.
And i think, if you install Buildcraft with IC it works fine. So submod isn't useful i think.Quote.png

by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngHe doesn't need to copy. he can collaborate. i don't see why either modmaker would have trouble with it. i said submod to make it optional. besides, it's more of an adaptation. it only requires a few modifications. plus it massively increases playing value. it's also not a compatibility issue. well it is, but gameplay-wise, not mod conflict-wiseQuote.png
by Thekillman(disagree)

Quote.pngi use Buildcraft mod with Industrialcraft, 1rst, i must say that the quarry is really advantageous substituted by a MINER for gathering ores and cobble, 2nd, beside i say in 1rst BC is really a good mod to use in collaboration with IC and 3rd its not that easy to wire an all automated factory/sorter but its really gratifying, my final state : NO for a sub mod coppiing BC contents, YES for a collaboration between alblaka and SpaceToadQuote.png
by OKamilTan(disagree)

Quote.pngOh god, yes, yes, YES! I've thought over this problem a bit, and while I don't really know how to get the mods to change if both are present, (hell, I can't get them to work in the same minecraft.jar-- damn block IDs) I do have a few ideas on how to better integrate them... IC Changes: Make absolutely certain that machines work with pipes 100%-- this includes proper handling of RE-Batteries, (auto ejection, perhaps a new tin pipe to sort between charged/empty batteries) Miner integration, etc. BC Changes: Require gold pipes, obsidian pipes, quarries, and builders to use EC instead of alternating redstone current. Disable shaft miners in favor of the IC Miner. And... that seems to be it. Huh. These lists are shorter than I thought they would be...Quote.png
by Vidios(Agree!)


I rather like the concept of Industrial materials, and noticed plastic based constructions weren't in here.

You could use bio/coal based fuel (clumpy?) and perhaps the compressor to start the process, probably a plastic lump/ball to be melted or pressed into sheets (8-9 sheets to a block?).

I wont go into detail about the uses of plastic, because there is quite a few possibilities.

--Nidor 15:53, 23 May 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngIt's a good idea, but i think it's already in Plasticcraft?Quote.png
by Feanturi(disagree)

Quote.pngyep, if you want plastic, go for plasticcraft modQuote.png
by OKamilTan(disagree)

Nether Tech[edit]

Moved to Archive.

Camera Monitor[edit]

After looking at the CCTV mod and a newer version of it, i was displeased because I thought i was going to be able to put security cameras in my control room. Sadly, these mods, while impressive, fall short in only having one channel. I suggest: industrial-craft cameras and monitors, which would be connected by cables (hopefully) and display an image (perhaps if possible *not* 16 by 16). that way, my (and everyone else's) control room or security system could be one notch (hee hee) cooler.

I understand this may be hard to code, but I think you (maker of idustrial-craft) are probably up to the challenge.


Quote.pngThe idea is good I just have some thoughts about it. A 'TV' block, a way to change the cameras frequency, and how many cameras a 'TV' block can support.

Edit by Feanturi: Guys... stop copying my replies and edit them without changing the name! Next time I'll ban those people for 1 day.Quote.png

by Zatty(agree)

Industrial Floodlights-Lamps[edit]

I think we need a new tool(`s) that would make a temporary Light source.

You can carry it in your Hands or on your Haed.It would

It would get charged with the Mobilecharger,

The Light would be emit at a Light Level of 15 for 5-10-Blocks (if it is possible)

And you have to hold it in your Hand (like any other Tool)


  I=Iron (Refined?)
  L=Light Bulb

Light Bulbs (2-8?)


The Lamp to carry in your Hand


And the new Luminator Crafting:


Skavier470 14:50, 28 May 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngGood idea. The coding exists in other mods so why not? make an electric headlight so you can see in the dark without needing torches. add a rechargeable flashlight.Quote.png
by Thekillman(agree)

Quote.png(I'd love to see this implemented it would make spelunking and mining, not to mention fighting, much easier.)Quote.png
by Zatty(agree)

Quote.pngI really dislike the dark, so i approve, but need to be IC like, so rechargeable with batteriesQuote.png
by OKamilTan(agree)

Weather Control Device[edit]

Moved to Archive.

Guide Arrows[edit]

Arrows that you place on the ground to show direction in a cave allowing you an easy way to tell which direction to go for where you were last mining or to leave the cave. It would be stack-able to save on inventory space and takes fewer resources to make than signs. It's been done before in the 2x2 extended crafting (which sadly doesn't like to work with IC, at least not for me) where they act like signs in that they face a certain direction when you place them but you can right-click them to change the direction they are pointing and they come in a variety of colors. Maybe made from powdered glass or refined sand by macerating the glass or sand and then being able to dye them different colors. To color them you could just put the dye you want in the crafting grid (anywhere) with the arrow (anywhere).


G = Powdered glass or refined sand
S = stick

Quote.pngAnd for what should they be? Only for less resource usage then signs?Quote.png
by Feanturi(?)

Quote.pngYou just have to use signs, or torch arrows. It's even better than your Guide Arrows since signs add text and torchs produce light.Quote.png
by Doc_Pringle(disagree)

Renewable Gravel and Lapis Lazuli[edit]

I would like to suggest adding a way to create gravel and lapis lazuli.
As far as I know, they are the only resources one can’t get through the use of other resources (recycler, macerator, etc.) and energy (matter generator).

To get rid of lacking this ability, I propose to:

  • Add a means to get gravel.
    This could be through recycling, or it could be possible to obtain it by macerating stone (instead of getting cobblestone).
    Maybe one could get cobblestone from stone, gravel from cobblestone, and sand from gravel.
    Then, to get flint, there would have to be another way. Possibly through the compressor?
  • Make it possible to get lapis lazuli.
    I think it would be best to make it obtainable through recycling (it should have a probability similar to that of diamond).

Fast2 21:15, 30 May 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngI like the cobble stone to gravel but gravel already gets macerated into flint, so I would think that flint would be the one to be turned into sand imo.Quote.png
by zatty(agree)

Quote.pngII i think it will be better to have gravel from macerated smoothstone instead of the cobble but its just balance intended, it will be hard to have sand only from flint, it will say it need to macerate 3 times the cobblestone for sand. For the lapis, it definitly need to be implented in the UUM recipes, maybe with 8 UUM?Quote.png
by OKamilTan(agree)

Quote.pngI think the way to solve the whole flint/sand thing is to use the Compressor to get flint and the Macerator to get sand. As it makes sense to me that the gravel getting ground down into sand but getting compressed into flint.Quote.png
by LordZeer(agree)

Quote.pngLapis lazuli from matter? of course! The logic say: stone-> cobblestone -> gravel -> sand. I just research a bit about flint, and notice that it more like obsidian. (remember that in real life, obsidian is a natural type of glass. It is fragile and soft.) In Minecraft obsidian is a bit rare/hardToGet then i sugest that you could compress glass into flint. or you could compress sand into flint. Or just make gravel from smooth stone instead of cobblestone.Quote.png
by Techmago(agree)

MFE/MFSU emiting redstone when fully charged or custom number[edit]

IC wiring need a way to communicate with redstone switch cable can already bu used like interrupter cutting or allowing passage of EU but their is no way to received signal from the said wiring. For know , for example, when a MFE is full or if a miner is stopped.

That allow multiple possibility to automatise the EU system from a centralized storage to an automatic sending system where EU is needed without any man intervention.

I propose to make a redstone ability to the storages units (MFE and MFSU), emitting redstone like a redstone torch if its full. Its allow more possibility than if emmiting when empty, which is easily noticeable by the lack of working machines.

I know at that time, the MFE/MFSU have the ability to stop emit EU when receving redstone, but like i said before this can be easily emuled to the switch cable.

Or better if possible, allow the possibility to customize the redstone emit, like : [if store EU<25% emit redstone and if store EU >= 100% stop emit redstone].

And maybe extend the redstone possibility to others types of machines, like the MINER for a easy notice when he is stopping to work.


Quote.pngWell I like the idea, but i thought that you can merge Energy-O-Mat with MFE to make a temp door. Could it be, that the MFE emits the redstone already? (dunno about that xD)Quote.png
by Feanturi(-)

Quote.pngthe only use for sell o mat in redstone circuit is to know if EU is passing through the machine or not, it have to few application for an automatic circuit (i mean FULL automatic circuit, that MFE emit redstone can do)Quote.png
by OKamilTan(obvious question)

Quote.pngIt could energize scraps into redstone. Sounds good to Me.)Quote.png
by Elvilaz(Agree)

Every single piece of hardware should brake after long, random amount of working time.[edit]

After some time of playing player have all the machines, do all tricks and playing become boring. If you add maintenance to the mod there will be some extra things to do and fun will be longer. This can be done in three ways.

  • 1. Some tool to go with to the field and there repair hardware.
  • 2. Bring hardware to home and put in some kind of workbench for fixing.
  • 3. Scrap broken hardware and replace it with new one.

In case of fixing there should be need for spare parts (i.e. random part from recipe for this hardware). The best way will be mixing in some smart way this tree ways. Maybe light malfunction can be fix in field, mayor in workshop and chance of appearing will be adequate to degree of problem?

- by Harvald -

Quote.pngat first state i say no, but after thinking more about that idea it can be a good addition to SMP or SSP, it will add a new dimension after the building state. I think it will be hard to code (or not if its just a random break, like the nuclear reactor) but it need to be OPTIONAL, sometimes we just dont want or need to do maintenance because in middle of a big building projectQuote.png
by OKamilTan(agree)

EU powered 'Redstone' Circuitry+ More[edit]

I've seen on the Get Satisfaction site an idea for something like a chest but with a much larger area to use(about 16X16 or so) that would allow you to make redstone circuits in this one block space. I saw this and thought, "this is something IC should have!" Because IC already has machines and 'circuits'. That and if someone can show it possible and is popular then it's more likely to be added, or considered at least. But the box could have colored/specific sides that correspond to the useable space inside it so you can make the 'circuits' and they could output to a specific side.

(please provide feedback so I can tell if ideas sound right for IC, otherwise I'll remove that one.)

Some of my ideas include:

  • Special EU powered 'sensors'- I.E. A pressure pad that can be switched between Hostile(Red?), Friendly(Green?) and maybe Player(Blue?). Meaning on red it will only activate for hostile mobs(extremely useful for Tesla coils), while on friendly it will only activate on player/friendly mobs, while on 'player/blue' it would only work on players.
  • A button stand- Kinda like the buttons for portal. Where it has the same temp. power state but is as easily placed as a switch. Thou it does not need to be very high just something where you can get that a simple button use but with out the hassle.
  • Be able to use nether blocks to craft say glowstone, fuels and more!
  • Cable-to-Cable only EU Cable- One idea that sounds good to me is having a specialty cable that can only send power to other cables. Now this might sound useless but its at the core of the suggestion to have colored cables, that's what I believe at least. It would only have to be one variant, like having the cable design but having bright red circle around the copper connector dots on the side. This would allow for more compact systems as you could have this cable next to a machine and regular cables before and after, thus allowing for much smaller/simpler wiring schemes around machines. One version of this idea could have directional version of this cable so you can direct EU in only one direction so theoretically you could have two cables of different directions on top of each other and no splitting.
  • Power Splitter- If people don't like the above idea then how about a kind of junction box. It would be able to have cables into all the sides and have settable outputs. Meaning you could place the block then right-click it to enter into the GUI, from there you'd be able to set the output of all the sides(in a kind of table setup maybe?). And for power coming in it would disregard that side and split the power out the other cable-sides as set, but only to sides with cables.
  • FiniteLiquid compatibility/inclusion- That way you can use that mods pumps(or whatever Al comes up with) to have a 'vat' you can dump lava into so it will automatically pump into the 'vat' where a miner can pump it into the Geo-thermals.
  • Queues in machines- Adding a queue ability on the machines so they can have a pull from and a put into section. Something like a bar below the power spot or above the item-to-be-processed spot. This could be very useful for the geothermal generator if it isn't changed to work like the water mill.

- by LordZeer -


Great friend, companion, house keeper and guardian. Can take care of safety of your whole family! ;P

Expensive piece of machinery. Size of one block, he can walk around. It can be only toy, but adding a module give him a purpose. Example modules:

  • Cartographer - going in roughly one direction, making maps on the way and returning
  • Battlebot - defend player (like wolf)
  • Repair bot - if some machine will brake he will repair it
  • Sentinel - patrolling neighborhood and raise alarm if some hostile approaches then run

Rule is that he can only one relatively simple task.

Spider-bot should have home (box). Box can recharge inner battery of spider-bot, but also can give him order to go to work if electric signal is provided.

- by Harvald -



Do you have allot of seeds? Do you want do to something with them? Do you want to be green?!!!!!

Stop putting them in your recycler because here is the solution for all your seedy problems!

what if you combine 8 seeds and glass?

(Why can't i insert images!!)

you get a jar of seeds!

But what can you do with it?

Well... you can right click it and get your seeds back. or...

Put them in the extractor!

(Why can't i insert images!!)

You get a bottle of oil!! (extra virgin)

you can do two things with this green stuff and those are:

1. (Why can't i insert images!!)

a salad (heals three harts because it's healthy!!) (one salad a day, keeps the fat away!)

2. (Why can't i insert images!!)

You can brew your own (clumpy) bio-fuel!!! (already exists, but this is a different way to get it!)

I hope this will come soon to the game!


--Crazyputje 22:02, 4 June 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngThe oil sounds interesting if IC were to incorporate some ideas from Xie's mods,i.e. the cooking stuff. That way there would be a stove and you cook/make various types of foods on it. I do realize that just making bread/pork chops and canning those is far easier, its more of a variety increase for food.Quote.png
by LordZeer(Agree)

- Lava Boats -[edit]

I have an suggestion, what about lava boat so you can travel on lava in the nether and real world easily.

- by Aquablade71 -

Quote.pngThere already some mods that add lava boat, and so far, Al never implement something that has already been implemented. And, industrial craft had the industrial theme, how a lava boat fit this theme?Quote.png
by Techmago(disagree)

Electric powered portal[edit]

Portal to Nether should be powered with electricity. Every powerful object have to be run on something.

- by Harvald -

Quote.pngI agree but only powered from one side, powering a portal from the nether would be too annoying.Quote.png
by hyperbadger(agree)

Forcefield generator[edit]

Block that with electricity generates in front of itself field of dimensions 3x3. To work drain huge amount of energy, so he can protect our base short amount of time. Rule is that any space cannot generate enough power to protect itself entire time. We can protect small base whole time if power plant is hidden somewhere else and unprotected.

Any damage given to forcefield drains energy more quickly. Forcefield generators in use with tesla coils can make very strong protecting grid against enemy raids on SMP.

- by Harvald -

Extract flint from gravel[edit]

Moved to Archive.

More usefull plantclump[edit]

Hey, i just build a nice and big regular sugar cane farm, and start getting a lot of reeds. I make nice plant clumps, compress, and then i try to make some fuel. This starting eating more tin than i can afford.

I got the following ideas:

  • plantclump to charcoal.

Give the ability to burn the plantclump (or the compressed plantclump, whatever) into a charcoal. Charcoal itself is easy to get, this will only make the whole process work in large scale.

EDIT: "Well, looking better, a tree trunk is worth 750 EU, and it raises to 4000 after being "enriched" by a furnace. If you do the calculations (125x8) plantclump worth a 1000 EU. If it is burned on a charcoal, the UA gain is less than if you burn a trunk. I believe that if the compressed plantball is the one able to be turned into charcoal, (So, its obtain will not be so instant) Everything would stay balanced, and will add new uses for that huge farm cacuts ...

This will to be easy to implement, because you had just to add some furnace recipe somewhere."

  • Burnable plantclump.

Instead of getting charcoal, you could burn then right away (again, compressed or not compressed. Thing to discuss later.) It wold give you 1 quarter of the coal power coal. Each reed/catus wort 125 EU. 8x give you 1000 eu. A coal/charcoal give 4000 eu. So, it would burn 1/4 time of a coal at minimum. It will be better, because a 64x plantball would last longer than a 64xreed/cacti. The regular generators would be much more usable.

Plus, this should be ridiculous easy to implement. just a some of these "add fuel" somewhere in the code and we are done.

Better looking cables[edit]

Moved to Archive.

New Way to get ICs[edit]

I think ICs are far too easy to make for them to have any worth. Anyone can make 128 of them from a single iron ore. So I think that they should have to be manufactured using a machine that only Admins can make. So here is my proposal.


R=Refined Iron Bar
A=Admin tool (yellow wrench) [This makes it so only Admins or other ops are the only ones that can make this machine]
X=Advanced Machine
V=Advanced Circuit

It also works like a personal chest, the person that lays it and first right clicks it is the only one that can use it, besides another admin that has an Admin tool. This will keep any Non-Admin from using it.

You just supply it power and put an iron bar in the top, it will melt and press the iron into the IC molds. And voila, you've got 64 shiny new ICs.

EU usage: About 200 per operation, or 25 EU/s needed for non-stop use. (just a suggestion)

I feel that this will make the IC worth more, and the Item-O-Mat and other IC using machines more often used.

--Guiltyair 05:28, 12 June 2011 (CEST)

Quote.png1. The coins are supposed to be easy to craft.
2. Why you want them only available for Admins?Quote.png

by Feanturi(totally disagree)

Quote.pngIt was just a suggestion for making them more difficult to craft. It's like inflation. They are so easy to get/craft they have very little value. Like if anyone could make a dollar or euro they wouldn't have any value to them.Quote.png
by Guiltyair(author of idea)

Getting Coal Dust from Charcoal[edit]

Well I was thinking I need more Coal Dust to build more Solar Collectors and so I smelted my wood to make Charcoal and when I went to go put it into the Macerator, NO COAL DUST!

I was very disappointed in this and now I am writing this to see if getting Charcoal Dust is an option.

I was thinking maybe you can get Charcoal and combine it with Stone(or Cobblestone) and then get some item(don't have a name) and put it into the Compressor and get Industrial Coal and just put that into the Macerator and, PRESTO you have Coal Dust(or Industrial Coal Dust)!

Quote.pngOnce, you could macerate charcoal into coal dust. It make regular coal unless and overpower trees (somewhat easy diamond creation. I agree that coal dust is only made from coal. Its a fossil fuel, so its a little rare, and not unlimited as trees.Quote.png
by Techmago(disagree)

Various Vehicles[edit]

Moved to Archive.

Combat Laser[edit]

We already have the Mining Laser:

Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Stick.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Mining Laser.png

But I find it's more useful as a combat weapon than as a mining tool. Why not modify it to create something designed specifically for combat?

Grid Refined Iron.png

Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Mining Laser.png
Grid Mobile Charger.png

Grid Energy Crystal.png

Grid Mining Laser.png

The Combat Laser looks different from the Mining Laser from which it is made, unlike how the schematic suggests, but it works in much the same way. The main difference is that the Combat Laser fires a faster projectile with longer range that can drop a mob in one hit. Additionally, by holding the left mouse button and right clicking, the player can reload the Combat Laser from any charged Energy Crystal in the inventory in mid-combat.

It can be disabled on PvP servers if the admins think it's too strong a weapon.

BrassLantern 06:58, 22 June 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngI agree to some par of it, the combat-version would have a bigger range and wont destroy any blocks at all. And would not kill with 1 hit too, should be strong as a diamond sword hit. And it should't be that easy to recharge, maybe will be better if it charge and recharge wold be exactly like the regular mining laser.Quote.png
by Techmago(maybe)

Upgraded machines[edit]

The idea is that by combining machines with MFEs/HV transformers, they can be upgraded, to perform the tasks of both blocks.


H= HV transformer

N= misc. machine

C= advanced circuit

U= upgraded machine

U+= Double upgraded machine

crafting recipes are:

[] N []

[] C [] = U

[] M []

The upgraded machine has a storage capacity of 60,000, thanks to the MFE

[] H []

[] C [] = U+

[] U []

the double upgraded machine can be powered by HV pulses (thanks to the HV transformer) and store the extra energy (thanks to the MFE)

MFEs and MFSUs can also be combined with an HV transformer

[] H []

[] C [] = M+

[] M []

(in this case the MFE is exchangeable with an MFSU)

The upgraded MFEs/MFSUs can optionally emit HV pulses from its top side, and regular pulses from its bottum side.

Water mill/Turbine[edit]

With the new pistons coming out in 1.7, I heard a lot of people talking about making dam systems with flood gates and the thought crossed my mind that there should be a way of harnessing energy from these dams like they do in real life. The thing is, that if you want to use a water mill, you have to bucket up a load of water and spend half your life pouring it into the water mill, and this can't be used with a dam with flood gates. My thought was, that you could program the water mill to work when water flows through it, like if you put a water source near it and channeled the water towards the wather mill and then it would pass through it and come out the other side. You could make it so the further away from the source block it is (i.e. the flow is less/weaker) the less power it would generate.

It may be worth making an entirely new kind of generator, called a turbine which can be used instead of re-coding the water mill, which could have a crafting recipie similar to this:

Where R = refined iron G = generator P = Propeller (explained below) C = Circuit

   R C R
   R P R
   R G R

The Propeller would be a new item that could be used in new future items and it would be crafted like this:

   R   R
   R   R

The obvious downside to this would be that in minecraft, the water is infinite so the energy source would be infinite but this

Metals and Minerals[edit]

Although IndustrialCraft has already added 3 new ores to the game, minecraft feels like it could use more diversity when mining, resulting in more diverse raw materials and more interesting mining sessions. The greater amount of raw materials also create more demanding recipes that are not totally revolved around iron, copper and tin.

My suggestion is to implement most of the common metals and minerals that have not already been added, such as: Graphite, Aluminum, Lead, Silver, Nickel, Zinc, Titanium, Lithium. Alloys crafted from combination can then further enhance this diversity, such as Steel.

Currently, in vanilla minecraft there are 7 ores (Gold, Iron, Coal, Diamond, Lapis, Redstone, Glowstone) and 10 with IC (Copper, Tin, Uranium). I personally think a good target amount of ores would be 20, giving all of the most common materials we find in every day items.

Kuwazome 04:15, 30 June 2011 (CEST)


I Think that elevators would be a nice addition to the game. It could have a 5x5 or 3x3 floor and people would be able to place items on it. -By Rafael09Ed-


so i dont know if this is possible but it would be cool if there were oil in the game. it could have the same viscosity as lava but was dark brown/black and you could pick it up with barrels or something of the could use one barrel to power machines for a lot longer maybe like 3 times as much as fuel. you could also use it to "lubricate" your machines. maybe a fully lubed macerator could have 10 % more efficiency than a non lubed one. and the lube could wear off by 1 percent every 32 uses or so. just an idea


I started work on an oil mod. I can tell you now that liquids are REALLY annoying. I gave up once 1.7.3 came out, and am now waiting for a good tutorial on how to mod liquids. Back on topic, I'm sure Alblaka could code this, but it would take a lot of time --Supersting 15:41, 19 July 2011 (CEST)


So i made a jetpack a while ago thinking it would be cool to be able to fly around everywhere but all it does is let you jump a few blocks higher... I think it would be more useful if it did let you go up continuously with it.


Quote.pngYou are wrong, you can fly with it everywhere. But you have touse it right ;)Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)


A block which measures! This block measures depending on the other block near it. So it have a modes each mode changes exactly what it measures, but it is not it, it will power redstone when conditions of measuring are satisfied. With EC manipulator you can change conditions. Let me give examples of what it gonna measure and how it gonna work.

Grid Cable.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Cable.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Cable.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Cable.png

1. Cables!

Measuring EU in cables and powering redstone when EU higher then(yes it measures higher or equal too) number given by player via EC manipulator!

Such thing can be used when you need to send a VERY strong pulses with HV Transformers, so you can wait when EU gonna go up to 3500 to send a doubled pulse of HV power to the single cable, by changing state of switch cable.

Also can be used in lot's of different ways, this was just an example.

2. MFE/MFC Transmiter/Unit

Do you wanna find out when your MFE full, but tired of running back and forth for it!? Now you can see it! When Mesure-O-Matic placed next to MFE/MFC, it measures how much power in it and gonna power redstone if value of stored energy are higher or equal then given up by player!

Can be used in the grid redistribution, when single powerful energy station, charges lot's of MFE which may be on some distance and in different places, and Mesure-O-Matic (Let's short it to MOM) changes way current goes! No waste of energy over long distances as you would separate cables in old fashion way! And half your current! And you don't have to run your self pulling leavers! (I would recommend RedPower mod for better Redstone cables, so you can wire for longer and use less repeaters to change state of the switch cable).

3. Teleporter/Tesla Coil

Here is a bit simpler, powers redstone when teleporter/coil are charged. Tho, it doesn't powers teleporter/coil it self.


Measure-O-Matic will wait for value greater or equal, to power redstone near it.

It have a priority to measure what, MFE/MFC have a higher priority to measure compare to cable, so if it places next to cable and MFE, it will measure MFE.

If it places to multiple cables/MFE it will measure just one of them, according to West-South rule. (It will always choose one on west if possible. If not it will look clock-wise to find something it can. Ones found, it stops looking, saves object in to memory and measures it.)

EC manipulator changes by default no by 1, but by 1000, and pressing shift will make it 10000.

Max value are 3000000. (Same as MFC unit)

For short let's call it MOM.

Single MFE/MFC can be measured by multiple MOMs.


IC cities, to distribute power over houses(workshops), for each person, and don't loose much energy. (It also gives ability to prioritize what to charge first if everything is discharged)

High Energy Pulses with HV transformers over default 2000 with multiple transformers and single MOM.

Distribution grids.

Control center, where you can see states of your MFE/MFC.

--DrKsax 07:28, 21 July 2011 (CEST)

Fusion Generators[edit]

With the now massive amounts of power needed for the teleporter and force field I think it might be time for a new uber-complex generator. Fusion generators if real would give out a lot more power, well about 4x as much per atom of fuel, so I think 60eu/s is a good number. Supplying the fuel could be an added complexity. First you may have to extract the hydrogen from air or water. Then sort the hydrogen into Deuterium and Tritium and have special containers for both. These would then be placed in the fusion reactor. I think having to add a massive amount of power to it to start the reaction adds a bit to the realism too.

On a side note an extra could be macerating and gasifying netherack to make hydrogen. There must be a reason it burns for so long right?