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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the v2.X version of IC².

Weed-EX is used to prevent the growth of Weeds on empty Crop blocks at the cost of crop quality. Damage to the crop's quality is permanent and cannot be reversed, aside from complete removal.


Grid Redstone.png
Grid Grin Powder.png
Grid Empty Cell.png

Grid Weed-EX.png


While holding Weed-Ex, right-click on a Crop to apply it. It can also be placed in a Grid Crop-Matron.png Crop-Matron to automatically apply it to your crops. Overuse will reduce crop quality, capping their stats at 10.


We thoroughly reviewed various reports of potential research being destroyed by weed and thus researched a formula called "WeedEx".

This potentially gen-mutating and highly-lethal-to-human-employees poison spray is inharmful to plants except for Weeds. Spraying it onto all your crops will grant them full resistance against Weeds, as well as preventing Weed to grow on empty crops.

Rumors regarding the negative effects of overusing WeedEx yet have to be evaluated, and the spreading of said rumors will be met with prompt dismissal of the offending employee.

Our mentally unstable artists asked us to pass on this "blueprint" to you for an unknown reason:



R = Redstone, G = Grin Powder, C = Empty Cell