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Type Block
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
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This is the FUTURE!

Who needs Minecarts, long walkways or a speedy Quantum Suit, if you can harness the ultimate technology of TELEPORTING right to wherever you want?

Teleporters are highly-complex, super-modern pieces of extremely-hayoish-awesome technology, capable of teleporting an infinite number of objects, excluding solid matter in form of blocks, to another teleporter.

However, we recommend buying a whole bunch of our sweet and cheap generator products, otherwise you WILL not be able to power the teleporters sufficiently:


1. Place the teleporter next to a power storage unit like an MFSU, or a couple.

2. Using a FreqTrans link the teleporter to another

3. Wire redstone to the teleporter.

4. Activate the redstone.

If you have enough power in the surrounding storage units the power will be magically drained and you will be instantly teleported to your destination.

Linking teleporters

If only I had a teleporter to test this on >.>

Power Costs:

Cost to teleport an Animal: Distance * 100

Cost to teleport a Mob: Distance * 500

Cost to teleport a Player: Distance * (1000 + Inventory + Armor)

Inventory: For each non empty slot add (100 * Current stack size) / Max stack size

Armor: For each equipped armor add 100.


Teleporting a player with only chest armor, boots, 64 cobblestone and 20 dirt for 15 distance.

Base cost: 1000

Inventory cost: Cobblestone(100 * 64/64) + Dirt(100 * 20/64) = 131.25

Armor cost: Chest(100) + Boots(100)

Player weight: 1000 + 131.25 + 200 = 1331.25

Total: 1331.25 * 15 (Distance) = 19,968.75 EU

Other Notes:

Teleporters can explode if you leave and reload a world without quitting minecraft.


Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid FreqTrans.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid MFS Unit.png

Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Electronic Circuit.png
Grid Teleporter.png