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  • Fix for the Memory Hogging Bugs


  • Test-fix for RStone Doors
  • Increased Luminator Threshhold to maximum possible without recoding
  • The machines responsible for the memory hogging will now permanently display "on". This should stop the memory hogging as well as not interfering with the machines actual function. I can't tell whether it will fix the client-overloads on SMP, though. If something doesn't work, you will have to wait a few days, got an exam tomorrow.


  • Nuke and ITNT now will properly explodes upon gettign redstone'd
  • Fixed punching people with tools (SMP) resulted in duplication of said tools
  • Fixed WaterMills eating buckets.. in SMP
  • Removed the annoying "Store Called" Console print
  • Fix for WindMills crashing upon rightclick in SMP
  • Nuclear Reactors won't fake client-sided explosions in SMP anymore.
  • Included the LagSpikeOfDeath fix for the IC-world-file. It reduces the amount of autosaves which caused severe lag to some people.
  • AUDIOMOD SUPPORT! Read the installation instructions on how to enable IC sounds.


  • Fixed Tranmitter GUI
  • Fixed WaterMills eating up their inventory
  • Machines drop their content upon getting wrenched (and ONLY upon getting wrenched!)
  • Fixed Entitys "disappearing"... actually they were merely travelling on lightspeed. Mining Laser and the TNTs should work fine again.
  • Relays can now be directed up or down while placing
  • Cables can't be placed inside of you anymore.. previously i only disabled placing the cable in your face (but you were still able to place it in your lower body)
  • Implemented a fix for the too-big-shield-lockup bug of Field Generators, not sure how smoothly they work now.
  • Field Generators shouldn't melt anymore when wired by 4 or more sides.
  • Current can now directly get measured on relays (rightclick with EC Manipulator).
  • Relays don't charge up power anymore when left unwired, no more accidental 256er spikes.
  • FreqTrans is now craftable without enabled Field Generator (for Teleporters sake) on servers
  • Lumatron Crystal can't be crafted "charged" anymore.
  • Plantclumps can now be crafted with Leaves
  • ICSL can now be toggled with the config by server owners
  • Refixed Terraformer-HangUps, forgot a few for-loops
  • Added redstone-linking to Relay
  • Teleporter displays his charge status upon rightclicking, same for Mass Fabricators in SMP
  • Reworked Luminator Code with a different tick-implementation. It's running MUCH more stable now, though i couldn't yet do largescale SMP-tests. But i assume the bests. As well, it's consume/day should be about 1000/2000/6000 EU). If flickering for SMP still persists, note it. I still got abotu 50% possible threshold to add.


  • Fixed Teleporters not uncharging after getting used
  • Teleporter ned charge reduced to 3kk EU
  • Teleporters now start glowing, according to their amount of EU stored
  • Fixed Lamacrystal recipe
  • Fixed ridicolous Teleportation bugs. They were caused by some overhaul of moving-methods within the Entity-class, done in 1.7.2 > 1.7.3
  • Simplified CryGen code, couldn't reproduce or even find the reported NPE-error, contact me again if it persists
  • MedVoltage cannot harm stuff touching the cables anymore (thus, only 257+ EUs can shock)
  • ForceField and Teslas won't "Cable melt" anymore if attached to 4+ cables
  • Upon Request: Relays can now be disabled with redstone input
  • Memory Hogging Bug for all Machines fixed, most noticeably Watermills, Solarpanels and Windmills
  • Significantly increased Uran spawn
  • Upon dissipating, a shield-dome will respawn water on disappering shield-blocks
  • I've found the cause for MiningLaser, ITnt and Nuke malfunctions: Notch somehow changed his code to delete unregistered Entitys. As i've yet not registered these three objects (which caused the rendering as white square), because they worked fine without, they instantly get deleted after being created. Gonna take a look into fixing this after a couple hours of sleep


  • Implemented a couple of neat fixes regarding SMP GUIs, most stuff should work now (Many thanks to Sorha2, who provided the codesnibbets ned to fix the issues)
  • Fixed Terraformer lock-up's when in proximity of unloaded chunks
  • Fixed a Sellomat exploiting bug
  • Cables can now be placed in water
  • Cables can't be placed inside yourself anymore I've managed to kill that fix somewhere... still working on it
  • Fixed Energy-O-Mat with some new update mechanisms, however, there are 2 minor things one should keep in mind:
    - The emitted redstone will flicker every 10th frame. I would recommend a Double-repeater setup to cover that frame, otherwise it could bug redstone contraptions
    - The Energyomat will NOT power redstone adjacent to it, but Redstone adjacent to BLOCKS ADJACENT TO THE ENERGYOMAT
  • Batpack re-enabled for SMP
  • Rightclicking MFEs with cables will directly place the cable and NOT open the MFE GUI, i think many wirers will be happy about this ^^
  • Fixed WaterGens only outputting 1/14th of their actual energy when powered by auto-water
  • Added Sapplings to Generator's Fuel List
  • Updated the list of Blocks a Mining Laser can break
  • Compressor can compress snowballs into solid IceBlocks. Cheap, stackable Water-Sources, anyone?
  • Batpack charge increased by 10%
  • Batpack can now be partially (un)charged in MFE's
  • A few new UUM recipes
  • Due to some compiling problems the ElectricMinecart is even more bugged then before. If you got one, consider incinerating it, i will remove the item entirely from game soon. Which could cause crashes if you still got one somewhere in a chest

  • Teleporters, cross giant spaces with mere 5.000.000 EU!
  • Force Field Generators, cover your base in a creeper-proof energy shield :D
  • Lapotron Crystals, hand-held energy storage at it's best.
  • Relays, for all those complaining about the up/down focus'd wiring schemes.


  • 2 new UUM recipes
  • Fixed a bug with Recyclers continuing to eat materials after producing 64 scrap in the output
  • Removed glowstone compressing, as you can harvest glowstone quite 1:1 either way
  • Fixed Mining Drill's breaking and not using BatPack
  • Improved the Nuke-logging for servers
  • Personal chests got the MeC tested fix. It seems to be running fine, however, i DISRECOMMEND placing personal chests too close to each other... exspecially neighbouring
  • A small fix for Luminators to reduce excessive CPUusage if you plant too many of them. They are still flickering and will bug out once you are 20 blocks distance, this will get fixed in future. Eventually


  • Should fix depleted tools "breaking". As well, it could fix the issue in SMP, too. Not entirely sure about it, as there are other influences then just mere code


  • Forgot to add the long-awaited and promise fix for Windmill farms causing lag. They now use 19 times less CPU. Same applies to watermills, though i doubt anybody would build a farm with them anyways...


  • IC is now 1.6.6 compatible.
    As well, i've fixed the Geothermal/Miner combination:
  • Miners can't longer extract lava infinitely from blocks next to their pipes.
  • Miners not longer feed all adjacent Geos, but will instead check every of them and fill the first one being not-full (thus, it will not waste any lava, if possible).
  • Geothermals have a by 66% storage for lava
  • Miners can now supply EIGHT Geothermals, on their 4 adjacent and 4 diagonal adjacent spaces. For obvious reasons i've disabled feeding below or above (as it's only affect was the energy backfiring into the miner again)


  • Done on my laptop, i do not guarantue for it to be fully functional / not crap
  • Fixed ModSaver based server crashes and "overloads"
  • Fixed MatterGenerator crashing if you handle it incorrectly


  • Miner fixed and doesn't drop "pure" blocks (f.e. CoalOre) into chests anymore
  • Matter Generator can now be wired into HV lines without problem


  • Industrial Pickaxe is permanently enabled on Servers... the file is in the default folder, either way
  • Crystal Charger fix... again... i hope it works this time >.>
  • Some fixes on Anti-Griefer-Logging overriding itself
  • Miners should drop stuff into chests again


  • FINALLY some decently working Personal Chests. Even after Server-reboot
  • Fixed MFSU not using the new SHIFT/CTRL Manipulator input
  • ModSaver fixes


  • Personal Chests new-fixed, too
  • Mining Laser can't be charged via Batpack, anymore.
  • *Reuploaded, now with server-sided fix, as well*


  • New fix for the InventoryChanged problem on all machines. Seems to work for me now (again, lol).

    Some people download and test it, i would suggest.

    Sry people, late time was late, i had to leave for sleep.

    Upon doing my tests everything DID run fine. Starting minecraft for renewed tests 5 min later resulted in the same crashes you have.

    It seems like a MCP-related reobfuscation error

    (If you're interested: It doesn't correctly obfuscated a method of the superclass TileEntity, thus all TileEntitys*** lack that important method, thus the method not found exception).

    I will try my best to fix it, but i cannot guarantuee for the fixing to work. May we will have to wait for a new MCP. I hope not >.>


  • Note: All changes mentioned here are from 6.37->6.70
  • Item-O-Mat, Sell-O-Mat and Energy-O-Mat got various fixed. Exspecially latter one should work properly now
  • Buffed Reinforced Glass' Explosion resistance. It's hard as Reinforced Stone now
  • MFE maximum output is 64 EUs now. FULL STACK :D
  • Holding Shift while toggling the output of an MFE with the Manipulator will raise the current by 5. Holding CTRL will raise it by 10
  • Luminators use double the current they were using before. However, as well they hold double as long. This was implemented to reduce their flickering on servers
  • As well, the 31 EU limit was removed. Additionally, they now have their "lightlevelborders" set to 2/10/24 EU, accordingly
  • IC now uses the requirement Mod 'ModSaver'. Which isn't a problem, because i'm it's creator, either way :D
  • ModSaver-based fix for Personal Chests
  • Secret Anti-Griefer updates. Obviously, i won't tell them in public. The people who had requested this know what i'm talking about
  • Fixed MFSU turning into MFE in SMP
  • ICs (the coins) are not recycleable anymore
  • Saplings can be used to craft plantballs (Bio Fuel)
  • A series of new sprites. Even better, i actually managed to REDUCE the overall amount of used sprites by 1, lol
  • Ore spawn was entirely recoded. It should be more close to vanilla ore spawns now. Applies to SMP, as well
  • Compatibility with Buildcraft. At least, i'm not using a BlockPipe.class anymore

    To download the new version, you need to click the last "<" of the big DOWNLOAD. This was added to prevent people from downloading it without reading these important notes.

    Please ignore EVERYONE complaining about the not-working download link.

    This evil trick will be removed once ModLoader v4 is out.


  • 1.5_01 compatible
  • includes a few fixes on all 3 O-Mat's. Exspecially a redstone-fix for the energy-o-mat
  • Personal Chest was removed from SMP, due to some corruption-compile-killmewhatever-error. I can't exactly tell what happens to your server-map if you load it with existing personal chests on it. I take no responsibility for anything, make Backups.


  • Fixes Personal Chests forgetting their owner upon said owner-relogging


  • Fixes new crash caused by 6.35


  • Fixes Energy-O-Mat not opening it's GUI in SM
  • Damaged items, this includes all dyes and wools (as these use "damage" to determine their color" can not be used in any O-Mat machine anymore. This is a temporary fix until i recoded the engine to work with damaged items, properly
  • Personal Chests do work. Forgot to implement the new code server-sided, derp
  • Minor rework on the redstone-emitting of energy-o-mats. It's still vastly bugged, though


  • We couldn't get that changelog


  • Added some crashing-related, hopefully working fixes for opening Miner and Windmill GUIs in SMP
  • Fixed Luminator and Tesla range to be more accurately calculated
  • You can now craft 9 coins into a coinstack and 9 coinstacks into 1 Iron ingot. Check the section in the OP to learn more
  • Fixed MFSU not craftable in SMP
  • Added the opposite of the Item-O-Mat, the Sell-O-Mat
  • Personal Chest reworked. Now, people placing it will be capable of opening it without any special tool. As well, the owner of a chest can remove it by using a wrench
  • Fixed some unused GUI slots, for example the fuel slot on the solar generator
  • Added a new Item-O-Mat capable of "selling energy". As well it acts as an current => Redstone ouput
  • MFE can now more easyly wired, as wires will consider it a valid target for redstone power


  • fixes Item-O-Mat causing crash upon operating. For real!


  • Adds the file nw.class to the server folder. It will override a base file (Oh noes, can cause incompatibility with other SMP mods that add new ores), but guarantue ore spawn on SMP generated worlds. I do not take responsibility for the spawn amounts being imba!


  • Nanosuit parts being "charged" into charged energy crystals
  • same for Mining Laser
  • Mining Laser cannot be powered by batpack anymore


  • fixes servers incorrectly recognizing their own version, disallowing players to connect. Sry for any trouble caused


  • Fixed some Nanosuit-functions being broken since the 1.4_01 port
  • Miners won't place EVERY block upon filling shafts anymore. Stop spamming Saplings!
  • Watch your steps, your HV lines will SHOCK STUFF now
  • MFE's and HVs will now NOT overload each other anymore. Means, wiring a high-output MFE into a low.output one won't waste a lot of energy anymore
  • MFE's harvested by hand will not drop anything anymore
  • MFE's storage is down to 60k. Unupgradeable. (you should still be able to wrench-retrieve used energy crystals)
  • Instead, there's now the MFSU, a 3kk-storage MFE. Happy energy producing ^^
  • Plantclumps can now be crafted... with less stuff... like.. 8/9 of what was used before
  • Nanosuit cannot be charged with a mobile Charger or Generator anymore. Instead it can only be charged in a Crystal Charger. In redo, it's storage is OFC multiplied by 4
  • Mining Laser Storage got "nerfed" slightly, and then again increased by x4. Why? Because it's like the Nanosuit only crystal-chargeable now
  • Chainsaw got compatibility buff (requested by NAtureOVerhaul)
  • Chainsaw can cut any material (even not-wood one) with the double'd speed of bare hands
  • I'm still trying to locate the problem of the nerfed chainsaw damage
  • MFE's can now store "dropped" batterys in chests. Like all other things
  • Nukes and nuclear reactor crafting can be disabled via config (meant for servers to prevent from nuke-griefing)
  • Mining Laser can now cut through a couple more materials
  • A buggy pre-version of Electric Minecart is added, though uncraftable. You're free to invedit it and try it out. It's like a Oven-Minecart, being powered with redstone and batterys
  • There is an (uncraftable) Admin-Tool added in the game. It can break quite everythign isntantly, as well as kills everything. For now, it's only use is to open
  • Personal Chests. Undestroyable and (for now) un-openable. Some sort of high-value storage
  • Item-O-Mat was added. Read OP describtion for more input
  • Nanosuit, Jetpack and Batpack are disable on SMP, due to major bugs allowing unlimited usage


  • MFEs now use 500k as their base storage and "subtract 40k for each missing crystal". This way, chunk-unloaded MFEs won't drop to 60k anymore (this includes load/save). However, if you move out of rendering distance, MFEs may will start amassing energy they shouldn't charge and similar bugs
  • Fixed Super Run of Advanced Nano-Leggings not working



  • Ported to 1.4_01
  • Removes all Console-printing test messages. Sorry for everyone who's MC crashed due to printing spam XD
  • I've rewritten the Batpack Code. It shoudl work less buggy now
  • I couldn't yet implement a charge on entirely empty tools, as those aren't even considered tools by the engine anymore. Will have to rewrite some stuff to get them working correctly
  • Mining Laser now runs on batpack, as well, i don't think i will link the Nanosuit to the BatPack... It's imba enough either way xD
  • Added recipe for Composite Vest in Recipes.txt
  • The Advanced Nanosuit got some new and highly costly recipes. check the recipes.txt (for the time being, where i don't have crafting images)
  • I've slightly reworked the way a MFE updates it's storage Capability. It shouldn't drop down to 60k storage whenever the chunk is unloaded, anymore. However, it will still happen if you save/load a world while it's unloaded. I wouldn't know how to fix that, sorry
  • Cookies can now be filled into cans... canned cookies anyone?
  • The config now includes a setting to disable the Cable-Obscuration. Quite useful if you can't find your cables anymore XD Further information in the config
  • Fixed the Miner. I've found a few evil lines of code that would bug out all pipes besides the standard one. AS the ITNT Pipe isn't doing much, it wouldn't have been noticed, but it was responsible for most bugs on Diamond and Extractor pipes


  • New Tesla Coil sprite and fixed Reactor GUI
  • I've tried my best, but i couldnt reproduce the Flatificator-error yet. It just doesn't happen. If noone provides me an error log, we will have to wait until it occurs on my side, too (thus i can get the error log)
  • Fixed Chilling-TFBP turning blocks into snowblocks randomly (includes Terraformers)
  • The chainsaw-deals-low-damange issue is somewhat tricky. I've noticed chainsaws low damage in my minecraft world, but it works fine in the MCP-version...
  • I've noticed a glitch in the current engine, causing HVs to emit HV-current on their bottom side, if upper AND lower side were wired. I've fixed the issue and made the upper side clearly dominating to the lower one
  • HV-current can now cause cables to emit a glow effect (redstone, for now). IF the HV current isn't accepted on the end of the cable (full HV, cable break), the glow will intensify.. dunno whether to leave it as a feature or remove "the bug"
  • Mining Pipes work fine, i think the issue is people not updating on a fresh minecraft.jar
  • You can now remove integrated Energy Crystals from placed MFEs by wrenching them. Crystals will be removed one-by-one, until the MFe is "empty", then the MFE itself will be dropped
  • I've coded the engine to start replacing all "TransmitOn" blocks with "TransmitOff". I will later on remove the "TransmitOn" state to save an ID
  • I decided NOT to remove the energy loss upon overpowering machines. Set a low current if you want loss-free current-usage ;)


  • IndustrialCraft is no officially WOLFY-COMPATIBLE :D As well, most porting bugs got fixed. Including forgot-to-remove testing recipes >.>


  • We couldn't get that changelog


  • Cooling of Reactors is now even more important. Don't try to run Reactors without it!
  • Added a config-setting, which will cause (upon being enabled) Generators/MFEs/Crystal Chargers to drop ALL charged stuff into a chest / into the world. Even applies to single batterys
  • Added maximum charge display on MFE GUI
  • Putting items into the Miner's upper slot will cause it to retract pipe without filling the hole
  • I've tried coding a "1/4" split cable thingy, but it resulted in a mess of extremely buggy code. Thus i cleaned it up again and dropped the idea, sorry
  • Fixed energy loss upon: Wiring an uneven current, dropping into an even current due to distance loss and then getting split. Noticed this while testing extremely buggy 1/4 split code :P
  • As well, i've failed on coding the Miner to emit redstone-power upon doing nothing. I will try again later on, but i failed on transferring the data from the Miner-engine to the redstone-checking engine (via the block data)
  • 3 new pipes: Diamond, ITNT and Extractor, read updated OP for more info


  • Fixed uneven splitloss AGAIN. It's always "infinite energy bug" OR "uneven splitloss bug", i hope i've got them both this time
  • Snowballs are compressable into iceblocks now
  • Miners display they're actual mining depth + number of laid pipes


  • Additional failsave for crashes in relation to the chest storing code
  • Minecart tracks can now be crafted from BRONZE, as well
  • For the sake of visibility, i've told IC not to show up any "new ID assigned to"-messages if the "new" ID is in fact the standard one. Just noted this here for the case some thinks the config is malfunctioning, suddenly
  • BAT-PACK, no more nasty interruptions to charge your tool while mining. Does not work with Lasers!
  • New Jetpack sprite by Jamy
  • MFE come crafted in double-packs again. However, their storage was cut by 100k to mere 60k. Now they're actually MFEs and not ENERGY STORAGE BLOCKS. Though you can still boost them to 500k Storage by feeding Crystals
  • Electric current distance-based energy loss was changed: Now the first 9 blocks are free, but you will loose 1 EU on the 10th block and every 3 blocks thereafter. I highly recommend using HV for anything past a few blocks
  • Fixed Miner turning Lapis Lazuli into Black Ink upon dropping it into a chest
  • Fixed Water Generator not producing auto-energy until "started" with a bucket of water
  • MFEs dont emit light anymore (lol?)
  • TESLA COIL, now you can toast Creepers twoway, even with more style. Watch out not to waste energy on zapping chickens/wolves/yourself


  • Upon building my sweet new house, i realised all the cables in the wall/floor looked crappy. And i've fixed it:
  • With the new Cable Obscurator, you can change the texture of cable blocks to some pre-defined stuff like stone, cobblestone, planks or even dirt
  • This new function does not influence Currents or cable functions in any way, it solely modifies the texture index of cable blocks in relation to their metadata


  • fixes Terraformer-Flatificator causing crashes. My bad


  • Miners now mine actual drops, not the blocks anymore (No more chest'd Coal-ore)
  • Luminators ignore glass and reinforced glass for range-calculation
  • MFEs can successfully store energy levels above 320000, sry for everyone loosing his energy. (Take note that updating to 4.38 will eventually cause all your MFEs to 10-fold their actual energy stored. As well, the storage of all pre-4.35 place MFEs will increase by 0-32000k. This problem is meta-data related and will only occur once while updating to 4.35, sorry. This is due to the save/load-compression)


  • All machines ejecting stuff (Generators and Miners) will now USE NEARBY CHESTS to store stuff. The priority order is the casual upwards, downwards, sidewards
  • Miners can now actively search for lava (like they search for ores), and are capable of storing lava in chests. Only if you have empty buckets in the chest, though (means, they will fill buckets in their chest or not do anything with the harvest lava)
  • Some buff of an unknown secret recipe
  • Now the config includes the option to activate rendering the Mining Pipe... now... pole-like. Advantage: Looks more pipe-like. Disadvantage: The menu-icon looks like a fence and if you NOT use the new chest feature, 60% of the miners loot will be stucked inside of the miner block, unreachable
  • HV Transformers now show the 3-cable texture on all sides, besides the "safe" lower output to prevent accidental explosions
  • You can now upgrade an MFEs storage capability by filling EMPTY ENERGY CRYSTALS IN THE TOP SLOT. Each Crystal integrated will increase the MFEs store by 40000. I will add some-wrench code to make it possible to REGAIN those crystals, but for now they are lost if you dismount the MFE
  • The bronze recipe does only produce 2 Bronze dust from now on
  • WaterMills can now automatically generate Energy, by surrounding them with water. But i tell you, they're output is LOOOOOOOOW, even when covered in 26 blocks of water
  • Buffed SU Battery crafting
  • Flatificator now works more accurately and will modify blocks like flowers and snow tiles
  • LUMINATORS FINALLY LIGHT STUFF UP! I 've just killed ~20 mobs with luminator power, after a burning zombie jumped on my head and slashed my last heart of before dieing as well


  • Fixed another infinite-energy bug upon splitting uneven currents


  • Windmills now are 33 % less efficient. Thus, they're energy level isn't above 9000 anymore
  • Windmill GUI fixed to display the proper energy production


  • Fixed light sprite (slight error on the lower corner, the edge was missing)
  • Reinforced Stone door completed (sprites by CrazyErik), now with new skin and stuff
  • Miner won't eat unlimited energy anymore upon hitting something they can't mine. Instead, they will just sit there and look pretty
  • Miner, Terraformers and MFEs have now an 100% sure drop rate upon being wrenched. Mobile equipment needs to stay mobile
  • Newly added: If you're using electric current to power machines, their fuel gauge will show a full red energy symbol all over the time. Note: This does not yet work if the machine is NOT smelting. Working on it
  • Probably noone did notice, but Compressors had the evil ability to eat any kind of current and still only charge with 5 EUs. Fixed
  • You can now set the measuring speed of the EC Manipulator by rightclicking anything that isn't a MFE or a cable. This way you can measure low-frequenchy currents easier, as well as measuring high-frequency currents on high-speed PC without the current count doubling
  • Mining Laser got modified to contain 32 charges now. However, damage got reduced to 4 1/5 hearts
  • Sun shines through Reinforced glass now (means you can place Solar Generators below creeper-proof glass roofs)
  • Wrenching a running machine caused said machine to drop in it's on-state, preventing it from being crafted, as well as looking stupid. It's fixed. (If you still have bugged machines at hand, place and wrench them again)
  • Water Mill is wrenchable. As it's unused, noone noticed it, either way, probably...
  • Wind Mills are now slightly less sensitive when it comes to blocks obscuring windflow. This exspecially applys for blocks below the WindMill
  • Wind Mill power will now be exactly displayed in the Wind-O-Meter (Wind Mill GUI), including ALL factors responsible for power output
  • Transformers now have the same features as the MFEs and will not waste current unnecessary anymore
  • Luminators, Industrial TNT and Nukes can now be recovered by wrenching them. Of course, without setting the explosives off
  • There is a new option in the config file, allowing you to DISABLE the neat functions of MFEs and Transformers to save energy on cable-dead-ends and uneven current-splits (as well as ALL saving functions for the HV Transformer). Challenge, anyone?
  • For hardcore-players, there are two more possible options in the config file, to double or QUADROUBLE the energy hunger of all machines. Gl building more Solar Flowers
  • The Flatificator TFBP will now RAISE land below the Terraformers own height, as well. Means, it can completely level any (natural) terrain. Cheers!


  • ALL MACHINES CAN NOT BE REPLACED BY HAND ANYMORE. From now on, ALL machines, upon being broken, will drop machine blocks (unless it's a machine that didn't require a machine block to be crafted, in first place). This even applys to Miners and MFEs
  • However, on the other side, you can now craft a tool called "Wrench", that will instantly dismount a machine upon RIGHTclicking and will drop it in portable form ^^
  • I've manually fixed the bug regarding MFEs wasting 1 EUs per split of an unever current. So far this "bug" could be repaired by adjusting the output of an MFE accordingly, now it's fixed per definition
  • Fixed a performance-related (?) issue causing crashes while wiring stuff to MFEs
  • OMG LIGHTBULBS! Read the OP part for more. Really, first read it, THEN try to wire them to something
  • Config file includes an option to disable Luminators charging to level 3 (triple'd energy consumption + burn effect)
  • Reinforced Stone Doors (currently with Irondoor-sprites)
  • Smooth Stone can now be macerated into Cobblestone, Cobblestone and Sandstone can be macerated into Sand. Upon public request, not my idea
  • Wind generator GUIs now display their energy output (windrose replacing the fuel gauge) more accurately
  • Cactus was added (like Reed) to Generator's and Furnace's fuel lists
  • High-Voltage Transformers added. PLEASE read the OP part first, i do not take any responsibility for idiots killing themselves/their machines with wiring HV wrong!


  • fixed test recipes, once more


  • Solar generator is now FINALLY light-based. It needs DIRECT SUNLIGHT, and thus only works when placed below a free sky (glass can be above a solarpanel without obstructing it). And it only works midday, sunrise and sundawn do not count (duh)
  • Reed and scrap can be used as burnable fuel in furnaces/generators. As well, fuel cans can now be burnt in normal furnaces, too (up to now they could only power Generators and Iron Furnaces)
  • I've added 2 new possible Blocks, you can replace Obsidian in the Industrial Diamond recipe with
  • Crafting MFEs will only award you ONE of them, not two anymore
  • Flatificator TFBP crafting fixed
  • New sprites: Wind Generator GUI, Mining Pipes, MFE, Windmill, Recycler, Cable, Miner, Reactor


  • fixed MFE's eating your dear Crystals


  • fixed crystal Chargers eating all your energy


  • Reactor finally does only produce 4 Fuel Rods per Refinement Operation, long awaited nerf finally worked
  • Reed and Cactus can now be used to craft plantballs
  • Lava cannot power normal generators anymore (fail on my side)
  • Scrab burns! (in generators, i will add Furnace support asap)
  • Crystal Chargers can now be integrated into energy networks
  • As well, you can now use Charged energy Crystals to power your MFE
  • TerraFormers now drain power IN REATIME... no more pesky "charge the hell up to give it one energy crystal worth of power". Instead, it will constantly use this power, making charging more easy
  • MFE's can now charge a STACK of batterys, by ejecting the filled ones in front of the MFE
  • OMG WTFLEEEEEET Armor works finally again (while having nanosuit installed). The code contained major bugs, causing your armor to be onlöy 0.1% of it's normal value, as well as defending better while being vastly damaged. FIXED!
  • Switch Cable blocks. Now you can direct currents via a lever or other redstone XD
  • Windmill, the sweet new energy source, daytime INDEPENDENT
  • Flatificator, a new TFBP
  • As well, you can now use Tin and Copper dust to ***** ********** **** ****. An effective way to use all that copper and tin ore floating around!


  • You no longer get a second useless MC Manipulator upon crafting
  • Standard output of MFEs set to 32, more useful if you split it
  • Pipes will no always be created in 2-bundles, halving the cost fo creating necessary Mining Pipes for Autominers
  • Fixed glitch causing Transmitters and Generators to produce over-energy Download fixed, sry for the trouble eventually caused. Forgot to include one new file ^^'


  • Refining Uran will only return FOUR Fuel Rods now, not SIX anymore
  • If your transmitter emits energy current and this current does not reach any powerable machine, the current will be relinked to the transmitted. No more wasted energy. Even better, this checks for machines being overpowered, as well. Means you can now just power your workshop all over the time, the Transmitter will only use energy IF there is some used. (and after each save/load, as machine-stored cannot be saved due to code limitations). NOTE: This does NOT apply to any sort of Generator. Only the MFE!
  • Terraformer GUI fixed, the neat "Terraform" font wasn't displayed upon TFs being active
  • I've tried to add the possibility to charge any tools in an MFE, like with the mobile Charger. Doesn't exactly work, though. Working on it, stay tuned
  • Splitting a current into two on a T-cross-cable will not have additional energy loss anymore
  • As well, current strength is reduced by 1 for each 5 blocks again. However, it gains a 2 block boost, meaning that the first 2 cables will not be accounted, resulting in a loss of energy on the 7th block, 12th block, 17th block, etc. This should make it more comfortable to wire Solar Panels in Stylish uses
  • A new item, the EC Manipulator. If you rightclick an MFE, you can tweak it's power output from 1 to 50. Rightclicking on a cable will measure ALL currents running through it. I recommend testing it multiple times, as a bad-timed click will result in displaying doubl'ed current. Not sure about this issue yet, it's CPU-performance-related


  • increases energy transmission. Energy will decrease by one for EIGTH travelled block, not five, anymore. As well, i've reset the ore spawnrates to 2.18_5 niveau, as some people noticed newly spawned world not containing any ores


  • fixes a glitch allowing you to create 16er stacks of charged batterys, as well as adding the possibility to put SU batterys into MFEs


  • doubles the MFE storage capacity (necessary due to recently increased output) as well as fixing a bug of the MFE ignoring laid redstone when containing more then 20000 EU


  • triples the MFE output