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This item really only makes sense in Multiplayer. You could craft it alone if you really wanted to, but what would be the point of that?
Item-O-Mat ig.png
Grid Sell-O-Mat.png
Type Block
Tool  ?
Armor rating {{{armorrating}}}
Damage {{{damage}}}
Durability {{{durability}}}
Mining level {{{mininglevel}}}
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Danger {{{danger}}}
Protection {{{protection}}}
Storage {{{storageslots}}}
Liquid Storage {{{lstorage}}} mB
Previous tier {{{prevtier}}}
Next tier {{{nexttier}}}
Energy Consumption
Max EU Input {{{maxeu}}}
EU Use {{{eu_use}}} EU/t
EU Per Operation {{{eu_op}}}
EU Storage {{{storage}}} EU
EU Production {{{eu_produce}}} EU/t
Max EU Output {{{maxout}}}
Max Heat Input {{{maxhu}}} HU/t
Heat Use {{{hu_use}}} HU/t
Heat Production {{{hu_produce}}} HU/t
Max Kinetic Input {{{maxku}}} KU/t
Kinetic Use {{{ku_use}}} KU/t
Kinetic Production {{{ku_produce}}} KU/t
Technical Details
Operation Length {{{optime}}} Seconds
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance {{{firstappearance}}}
Last appearance {{{lastappearance}}}
ID IC2:{{{id}}}
Flow Speed {{{fluidspeed}}} m/s
Player Speed {{{movespeed}}}

Light and Darkness, Day and Night, good and bad, Yin and Yang... Item-O-Mat and Sell-O-Mat.

Whereas first one will sell stuff from the chest, gathering money, latter one will BUY items.

It is set up similar, with a chest and coins in the last slots of the chest to determine the price (per bought item).

However, you will as well need to place a single piece of the wanted good in the first slot of the chest, to tell the Sell-O-Mat what it is supposed to buy from players.

Of course, you need to provide enough money within the chest, as well. Coinstacks can be used here, too.


Grid Trade-O-Mat.png

Grid Sell-O-Mat.png