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Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.222.
A rubber tree with a wet resin hole on the bottom

Warning: This page has been updated to v2.8.x of IC2 for MC 1.12.x. Some of the information might not apply to older versions of IC2.

Rubber trees are structures generated by IC2 that consists of Rubber Wood and Rubber Tree Leaves. They are created when a map chunk is generated, and can also be grown by planting Rubber Tree Saplings. They are the only source of Rubber in IC2.

Rubber trees spawn only inside swamp, forest, birch forest and taiga biomes. Rubber trees have dark colored wood, like Spruce, with bright leaves similar to Birch , and have a unique 'wing' in the leaf pattern.

A dry resin hole


Rubber trees have a height range of 6 to 12 blocks, while each tree contains 4 to 8 rubber wood and 0 to 3 wood with a resin hole. A rubber tree with 4 to 6 logs will generate its leaves starting on the 3th block counting from bottom up, leaving a 2-high gap between the ground and the leaves. A rubber tree with 7 or 8 logs, however, will generate its leaves starting on the 4th block. Rubber trees also generate a distinctive column of 2 to 4 leaves on top of the trunk. Rubber trees on average generate about 50 leaves per tree.

Resin Hole[edit]

Rubber trees generated in a swamp biome

There is a 25% chance for a Rubber Wood block to generate a resin hole. There are 2 states for a resin hole: wet and dry. When the player right clicks the side of a rubber wood block that has a resin hole with a Treetap or a Electric Treetap, a wet resin hole will always drop 1 to 3 Sticky Resin, and then turns into a dry resin hole. A dry resin hole drops 0 to 1 sticky resin, with a chance of turning permanently into plain rubber wood. Dry resin holes will turn into wet resin holes again over time.

Also, resin holes are independent from the rest of the tree. They can still produce resin even if nothing is connected to them.


The main usage of rubber trees is to get rubber, but rubber trees can also be used as a fuel source, in Biogas production and to smelt into Jungle Wood.


  • Rubber trees generate much more frequently in Swamp than in any other biome.
  • A rubber wood block can have a resin hole on only one of its four sides.
  • Pistons and slime blocks cannot move a rubber log with a resin hole on it. A plain log can be moved.