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The QuantumSuit Helmet is an endgame mod related piece of armour. It's extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, requiring two Iridium Plates to craft. It cannot be enchanted.



Experimental-Only Content: This information has been updated to the V2.X version of IC².
The most recent version of IC² is V2.8.<html>.
Grid Reinforced Glass.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Nano-Helmet.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Scuba Helmet.png
Grid Reinforced Glass.png
Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Quantum-Helmet.png

See: Crafting Guide


Additional effects (in order of highest priority for EU use) EU cost
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png replenishes underwater breath bar 1 000
Grid Fuel Can (Filled).png replenishes food bar per point (Require food cans in the inventory) 10 000
Grid Coal.png cure poison effect per level 10 000
Grid Some random scrap.png cure radiation effect per level 20 000
Grid Some random scrap.png cure wither effect per level 25 000
Grid Nightvision Goggles.png Nightvision Goggles night vision ability 25 000

Energy Manipulation[edit]

  • Without eating some food your helmet will burn 10 million EU much faster then all other components, strongly advised to eat food or carry multiple helmets.
  • Each hit will drain at least 900 EU from every part of suit.


The QuantumSuit Helmet, like all other pieces of QuantumSuit, can store up to 10 million EU, and is an amazing piece of Quantum-Technology (Power Tier 4). Thus it cannot be charged in devices of lower tiers such as the CESU, MFE and BatBox. It must be charged in an MFSU or by an MFSU Chargepad.

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