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Server Info[edit]

Last update - N/A

Ip -

Slots - 28

Monsters - On

Animals - On

Host - N/A

Payments - Whitelisted


Quote.pngFeanturi wrote:
This server is the official event-server for MedievalCraft. In the events there will be two teams:
  • the attackers
  • the defenders

The preparation time, in which you are not allowed to kill, grief, steal and so on, will be three days. After those days you got less rules^^

The Goal of attackers is to get a obsidian block, which is in a hidden bedrock room somewhere on the map.

BUT it would be to easy that way, thats why there will be a secret choosen keymaster, who got the 'key' / coords for secret room.

If he dies, he HAS TO say, he was killed and has to say the killer's name. Next step the keymaster will tell his killer with /tell <killer's name> <message> the coordinates of the secret room.

Only the killer got permission to get the obby block from the hidden room!

The Goal of defenders is to defend the two castles and the hidden bedrock room/the obsidian.Quote.png


  1. You are not allowed to build small towers (1x1) to get on a mountain or a wall (Preparation and Event)
  2. Cheating, flying, x-ray and the other noobish mods are not allowed too (Preparation and Event)
  3. You are not allowed to attack other people (Preparation)
  4. The attackers are not allowed to enter the fortress/castle (Preparation)
  5. Griefing is not allowed (Preparation)
  6. Xtreme griefing is never allowed (Preparation and Event)
  7. The defenders are allowed to enter/leave the castle (Preparation and Event)
  8. Do not destroy redstone wiring! (Preparation and Event)
  9. Noone but the defender team are allowed to enter the hidden bedrock room. (Preparation and Event)
    (If the coords was telled by keymaster, only the killer of keymaster is allowed to enter it)
  10. If the obsidian gets stolen, without killing keymaster before or the killer entered and stole it, the attackers won't win. (Event)
  11. Not following the rules will cause a ban for the rulebreaker (Preparation and Event)

Premium Accounts[edit]

Everyone, who is on Medieval Rage premium, will be premium here as well. (Atm no prem)


The following is the simple steps, for a more detailed installation guide, please check the rest of the wiki.

(Grab a clean minecraft.jar, video tutorial coming soon)

1. Install Modloader

2. Install ModloaderMP

3. Install MedievalCraft

Noteable Members[edit]

Imer - Server Admin

Alblaka - MedievalCraft creator

Feanturi - Admin / Spriter