Field Generator

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Field Generator
Grid Field Generator.png
Type Block
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
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Have you ever been bugged by Creepers blowing up your Solar Panels while you were cleaning them? Couldn't be bothered to dig an Anti-Creeper trench?

Then use this, the ultimate, low-cost, high-efficiency, lazy-guy way of keeping your house & home safe: Force Fields!

A Force Field Generator will, upon receiving power, instantly create a giant dome of pure Energy around your house, in a cube-like sphere.

Even better: The more energy you supply, up to 256 EUs, the bigger the dome will become. Bigger = Better = Win = Creeper sad

As well, you could apply Redstone to the ForceField Generator to temporarily shut it off without removing any wires.

Now, we assume your base is shielded and you have just come back from cutting down some trees... but how do you get back in?

Simple. Use the FreqTrans to remotely open a gap in the shield dome: To do this, you'll need to store the Field Generator's frequency by right-clicking it (BEFORE you leave the dome, obviously!)

Then, you can at any time click one of the 6 gate-shield blocks to open up the shield wall and disable the Field Generator temporarily.

The gate-shield blocks are located once on each side of the cube, always on the same axis as the Field Generator.

Federal Regulations require us to warn you: The shield dome is NOT impenetrable, though the blocks are extremely resistant and regenerate extremely fast.

Contact with the dome shield is not recommended.

It is possible to 'drop' through the shield by using your mining laser on the upper part of the shield you are standing on.

Note: The Field Generator isn't implemented in IndustrialCraft² yet.


Grid FreqTrans.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Lapis Lazuli Block.png
Grid Advanced Machine.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png

Grid FreqTrans.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Field Generator.png

Specification Sheet

EU/t input: 0-7 Shielded size: 1x1x1 (useless)

EU/t input: 8-15 Shielded size: 3x3x3

EU/t input: 16-23 Shielded size: 5x5x5

EU/t input: 24-31 Shielded size: 7x7x7

etc. up to...

EU/t input: 256 Max size = 65x65x65

Formula: Cube size = 1 + 2( Input/8)