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Create a map according to the requirements, make a YT video of it (including background mechanics) and post it in this thread to win the chance of your video getting a place in this OP (>= Extreme amounts of clicks),

as well as the intimidating priviligue to choose the next priorized block/item which should be added in IC.


To participate, your map must meed following requirements:

  • Pure IC map, no other mods involved
  • TMI is allowed, though i would prefer a legit map
  • Must contain a workshop, running on wires, containing all basic machines
  • Must have a ReinforcedStone-covered Reactor Room
  • Must contain a Solar/Wind/Water - tower energy generator
  • Must contain a stylish Teleporter room, Teleporter needs to be triggered by pulling 2 levers (at least, you are free to add more).
  • Must have a underwater-"Outside"-Area: Kinda like a surface dwelling (with farm?), only having A Force Field for keeping water off


It's open-limit, but if somebody posts something which seems amazing to me, there will be a 3-day countdown before he wins the contest, unless somebody provides a better map (and resets the timer).

Now, hurry on and participate :D