April Fools Joke 2012

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A screenshot of the joke^^ (For those, who didn't see it, due to the fact, they refreshed the page immediately xD

We (The IC²Dev Team) just couldn't resist and had to prepare a joke for the community^^

It took some time to get this idea, but finally we found it out and we fooled nearly the whole community with a faked FBI Anti-Piracy Warning.

It appeared on the 1st April 0:00 GMT+1 for everyone one time on each industrial-craft.net-page (Blog, Wiki or Forum) and after 30 seconds you got redirected to the correct page. Some people just saw the FBI logo and thought 'WTF?! What happened?', but other people just read the text^^

Thread to the joke on forum.industrial-craft.net


Conspiracy to Commit Awesomeness
Conspiracy to Commit Hayo
Conspiracy to Commit Minecraft Modding

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