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-fixed test recipes, once more.


-Solar generator is now FINALLY light-based. It needs DIRECT SUNLIGHT, and thus only works when placed below a free sky (glass can be above a solarpanel without obstructing it). And it only works midday, sunrise and sundawn do not count (duh).

-Reed and scrap can be used as burnable fuel in furnaces/generators. As well, fuel cans can now be burnt in normal furnaces, too (up to now they could only power Generators and Iron Furnaces).

-I've added 2 new possible Blocks, you can replace Obsidian in the Industrial Diamond recipe with.

-Crafting MFEs will only award you ONE of them, not two anymore.

-Flatificator TFBP crafting fixed

-New sprites: Wind Generator GUI, Mining Pipes, MFE, Windmill, Recycler, Cable, Miner, Reactor


-fixed MFE's eating your dear Crystals


-fixed crystal Chargers eating all your energy.


-Reactor finally does only produce 4 Fuel Rods per Refinement Operation, long awaited nerf finally worked

-Reed and Cactus can now be used to craft plantballs

-Lava cannot power normal generators anymore (fail on my side)

-Scrab burns! (in generators, i will add Furnace support asap)

-Crystal Chargers can now be integrated into energy networks.

-As well, you can now use Charged energy Crystals to power your MFE

-TerraFormers now drain power IN REATIME... no more pesky "charge the hell up to give it one energy crystal worth of power". Instead, it will constantly use this power, making charging more easy.

-MFE's can now charge a STACK of batterys, by ejecting the filled ones in front of the MFE.

-OMG WTFLEEEEEET Armor works finally again (while having nanosuit installed). The code contained major bugs, causing your armor to be onlöy 0.1% of it's normal value, as well as defending better while being vastly damaged. FIXED!

-Switch Cable blocks. Now you can direct currents via a lever or other redstone XD

-Windmill, the sweet new energy source, daytime INDEPENDENT

-Flatificator, a new TFBP

-As well, you can now use Tin and Copper dust to ***** ********** **** ****. An effective way to use all that copper and tin ore floating around!


-You no longer get a second useless MC Manipulator upon crafting.

-Standard output of MFEs set to 32, more useful if you split it.

-Pipes will no always be created in 2-bundles, halving the cost fo creating necessary Mining Pipes for Autominers

-Fixed glitch causing Transmitters and Generators to produce over-energy

Download fixed, sry for the trouble eventually caused. Forgot to include one new file ^^'


-Refining Uran will only return FOUR Fuel Rods now, not SIX anymore.

-If your transmitter emits energy current and this current does not reach any powerable machine, the current will be relinked to the transmitted. No more wasted energy. Even better, this checks for machines being overpowered, as well. Means you can now just power your workshop all over the time, the Transmitter will only use energy IF there is some used. (and after each save/load, as machine-stored cannot be saved due to code limitations). NOTE: This does NOT apply to any sort of Generator. Only the MFE!

-Terraformer GUI fixed, the neat "Terraform" font wasn't displayed upon TFs being active.

-I've tried to add the possibility to charge any tools in an MFE, like with the mobile Charger. Doesn't exactly work, though. Working on it, stay tuned.

-Splitting a current into two on a T-cross-cable will not have additional energy loss anymore.

-As well, current strength is reduced by 1 for each 5 blocks again. However, it gains a 2 block boost, meaning that the first 2 cables will not be accounted, resulting in a loss of energy on the 7th block, 12th block, 17th block, etc. This should make it more comfortable to wire Solar Panels in Stylish uses.

-A new item, the EC Manipulator. If you rightclick an MFE, you can tweak it's power output from 1 to 50. Rightclicking on a cable will measure ALL currents running through it. I recommend testing it multiple times, as a bad-timed click will result in displaying doubl'ed current. Not sure about this issue yet, it's CPU-performance-related.


-increases energy transmission. Energy will decrease by one for EIGTH travelled block, not five, anymore. As well, i've reset the ore spawnrates to 2.18_5 niveau, as some people noticed newly spawned world not containing any ores.


-fixes a glitch allowing you to create 16er stacks of charged batterys, as well as adding the possibility to put SU batterys into MFEs.


-doubles the MFE storage capacity (necessary due to recently increased output) as well as fixing a bug of the MFE ignoring laid redstone when containing more then 20000 EU.


-triples the MFE output.