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Personal Safe
Personal Chest ig.png
Grid Personal Safe.png
Type Block
Tool Grid Wrench.png

Stackable Yes (64)

Technical Details
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This is a mostly indestructible player bound storage block with a 54 slot storage capacity. It does not need any free space on certain sides to be accessed unlike the chest.

The Safe will be bound to the first player who accesses (opens) it.

After the safe is bound only the owner and server operators may access or use a wrench to remove it. If you changed your nickname for any reason (starting game in offline mode will change your nick to "Player") you will lose access to the safe.

In order to use a wrench to remove the safe it has to empty. You will always get the safe back through wrenching.


Personal Safes are the best to use with the Trade-O-Mat because anyone attempting to open them can't steal your stock (which is possible with the default chest). Also, this chest allows for compact storage and improved aesthetics.


  • Indestructability state can be ignored by other mods.
  • Can be used for griefing because there is no easy way to remove it without help of a server operator.
  • A nether portal may land on the Personal Safe replacing it with obsidian.
  • Reactor overheating can replace the Personal Safe with lava.
  • Nuke explosions will ignore the Personal Safe in raycasting routine, meaning you can't shield your reactor with Personal Safes.


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Grid Personal Safe.png

See: Crafting Guide


Version Changes
Industrial Craft²
0.90 The Personal Safe is re-released.
1.23 Automation devices from other mods will no longer work with the Personal Safe.
1.106 The Personal Safe received a new model.