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The NanoSuit Helmet is the electrical variant of a Diamond Helmet. Unlike the Diamond Helmet, it will not break and cannot be enchanted. It is a Tier-3 Item, so it can only be charged with HV or EV currents (MFE or above).


The NanoSuit Helmet gives 1.5 chestplates / 3 Defense Points / 12% damage reduction. It consumes 5000 EU per half heart absorbed.


As of version 2.x, the NanoSuit Helmet features a sweet HUD, which costs no EU. To cycle between HUD modes, press the Alt Key (default:LMENU) + HUD Expand Key (Default:X). The HUD has three modes:

  1. Disabled: The HUD is disabled.
  2. Basic: A HUD appears in the top left corner. The HUD shows the charge of each electric armour as a percentage. Non-electric armours are shown as 99%, despite their actual durability. The HUD brightens a little when holding an electric item. If Night-Vision is also active, an additional Night-Vision Goggles icon will appear in the HUD.
  3. Extended: This mode is the same as Basic mode, except it shows detailed information about the currently held item (aka. the name, durability). If the held item is electric, the HUD brightens a little and displays its exact charge in terms of current / maximum, as well as the Tier.

The HUD consumes no EU, and the current mode is saved to the item (if you have the HUD in Extended mode and unequip the NanoSuit Helmet, the next time you equip the same NanoSuit Helmet the HUD will appear in Extended mode).

The NanoSuit Helmet also inherits Night-Vision from the Nightvision Goggles used in its recipe. Press the Alt Key (default:LMENU) + mode switch key (default:M) to toggle Night-Vision, just like you would with the Goggles. Night-vision consumes 1 EU/t.



Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png

Grid Energy Crystal (Charged).png
Grid Nightvision Goggles.png

Grid Carbon Plate.png
Grid Carbon Plate.png

Grid Nano-Helmet.png

The charge carries over from crafting components, but will not exceed 1,000,000 EU (excess is lost).

See: Crafting Guide


Carbon Plates is the most essential resource for Nanosuits. As well as... Energy Crystals!
Picture na.png

Why use Crystals in armor?

For Energy storage, of course!

Energy Storage?

Didn't we tell you already, the Nanosuit runs on ENERGY and takes most of its protective ability from an ENERGY SHIELD! HAYO!

Resource Packs

The NanoSuit Helmet's texture location is assets > ic2 > textures > armor > nano_1.png

The NanoSuit Helmet's item texture location is assets > ic2 > textures > items > ItemArmorNanoHelmet.png

The GUI Overlay texture location is > ic2 > textures > gui > GUIOverlay.png


Version MC Version Changes
Industrial Craft²
0.90 Beta 1.7.3 NanoSuit Bodyarmor is re-released


1.1 QuantumSuit pieces now require NanoSuit pieces to craft.


1.3.2 Energy costs of the NanoSuit and QuantumSuit are increased


1.4.5 Energy cost of the NanoSuit is reduced


1.4.5 Around Halloween (31 October), zombies wearing NanoSuits may appear.

(Experimental Version)

1.6.4 NanoSuit Helmet now needs NightVision Goggles to craft. <Alt Key> + <Mode Switch Key> to toggle night vision.