Raw Carbon Mesh

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The Raw Carbon Mesh is a crafting material made out of 2 Raw Carbon Fibers. They can be compressed to form a Carbon Plate.


Grid Carbon Fibers.png

Grid Carbon Fibers.png

Grid Combined Carbon Fibers.png

See: Crafting Guide


Grid Combined Carbon Fibers.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Carbon Plate.png


It's black. Cool. Expensive. And futuristic. And maybe even more HAYO than I am, but hey, I can live with it...

BECAUSE IT'S NANOTECHNOLOGY! Or, well, it will soon be.

To craft it, however, you will need tons of advanced resources... like. COAL!

Yes, coal! Everyone knows the future is called "Carbon Fibers"! And thus fibers can only be crafted by using extensive amounts of Coal and Gibbl.

Combine some Carbon Fibers and you get something special... CARBON NET!

Without these nets, you can't produce Carbon Plates!

They are resistant against WATER!!!