Bronze Wrench

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Bronze happens to be PERFECT for crafting advanced engineering tools.


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With a wrench, you can do NEARLY anything!

Repair allied buildings within seconds, kill enemy spies after destroying their sappers, and, of course, you can DISMOUNT machines with it.

Yes, you heard right, now you can easily right click...? Wait... with a wrench?

Hayo, did I miss something? ...any sort of machine to instantly dismount and recover it.


We do not guarantee that your machines will always be dismounted without any trouble.

A 100% chance to successfully dismount machines is granted solely to skilled Engineers. We do not take responsibility for any machines lost from the improper handling of wrenches.


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To use the Wrench to remove a machine, simply right-click the machine.

The Wrench's removing mechanic will override the machine's interface-- don't hold a wrench when you want to use your machines!

Without the Superwrench 100% mod; there is a chance (Aprox 70-90% success rate) that when you do, the machine will not be successfully removed and instead you'll be left with a gutted Machine.

It's also worth noting that any items or energy stored in the machine will be lost when it is dismounted.

Shift/sneek clicking will move the output / selected face of transformers to the opposite side.