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Return (String) System.getNewsOfTheDay();
 The Latest IndustrialCraft² version is IC2_experimental #685 (stable) and can be downloaded from the IC² Jenkins!

 Note: The wiki is currently being overhauled, so a lot of things may be broken while we work to revamp the wiki. 

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What's this?
Now, Minecraft has three Elements.

Mine, mine and craft.

1. Mine = it's YOUR world

2. Mine = mine resources

3. Craft = craft things

This is it. IC², the future of IC.

While playing it, you will feel right at home again, rediscovering most of the stuff known from IC.

However, once you get your machines running, you will quickly notice how smooth and well-designed everything works now.

Wiring is easier, batteries aren't as twosided (on/off) anymore, new cables, rubber stuff, new machines, EVERYTHING was added.

Create obstacle courses of Metal Poles and Rubber-Sheets, explore the Nether with an Electrical Jetpack or blow up whole landscapes at once by using the Dynamite-O-Mote.

Or discover the much more complex mechanisms of Nuclear Engineering, blow up your hut or burn your hands.

Or grab the rusty ol' Composite Vest, and start hunting Creepers with the new, all-mighty NanoSaber.

IC²-Version: V2.2.684

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Last but not least, the Credits!

(Newest Version)
Latest Updates
IC² v2.2.684:
  • Slightly tweaked Charging Batteries again.

IC² v2.2.683:
  • EnergyNet: Potentially fix Node.setGrid()
  • Improve crop backwards compatibility

IC² v2.2.682:
  • Strip byte order marks from config lines
  • Include a sanitized version of the raw config input line if needed

IC² v2.2.681:
  • Added CESU tier charging battery
  • Changed the way charging batteries work

IC² v2.2.680:
  • Added charging batteries

Recent Wiki Updates
Wiki v1.7.2:
  • Added IC2 v2.2.684 update